Vegan Oil Pulling Day – Tooth Oil

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Vegan Tooth Oil 2021


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We’ve been attending Vegan shows now for 3-4 years and there has been great interest in Oil Pulling & Tooth Oil. In fact everyday is Vegan Oil Pulling Day!

Of course Ayurveda has this knowledge since 1000s of years – but with this 21stcentury update –  Oil pulling has become convenient and accessible – with Sesame oil + 20+ Natural Active Ingredients prevents gum disease and makes it impossible for bad bacteria to damage teeth – also helps to clear sinuses and sore throat .  A handbag essential when out and about to keep the mouth cavity clean and fresh !

Order Here: Delivered within 4-5 days

Oil Pulling - Harley Street Dentist

Oil Pulling – Harley Street Dentist


Wellbeing fresh factsVegan Oil Pulling Day – Tooth Oil

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