Why I’ve been Oil Pulling for several years now

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Why I’ve been Oil Pulling now for several years –

Oil Pulling versus Toxins

Oil Pulling versus Toxins


You could lay out a big breakfast for me in the morning – But  I wouldn’t be able to touch it – till I’d done my proverbial Oil Pulling –


Different to using a Tooth Brush to ‘scratch” the teeth in the morning – I came to understand why Oil pulling removes all the toxins thrown into the oral cavity overnight – and cleanses teeth, mouth & gums  – not just teeth.

 Morning Ablutions

Basically when we sleep all the bodies organs, rebalance, recalibrate & throw off toxins – when we awake in the morning – we all rush to the bathroom to ‘get rid’ of those toxins during our morning ablutions.


Also we might blow our nose, remove sleep from our eyes, cotton-bud our ears etc – but when it comes to the mouth – we often just – ‘give the teeth a good scratch’ with a tooth brush & then head ‘downstairs’ to breakfast.


In so doing we may end up ingesting & swallowing down all the toxins, microbes, bacteria the body has thrown into the oral cavity overnight (for removal) and then our liver & metabolism has to once again de-tox these toxins.

Help Your Liver

Oil pulling: https://www.purenaturalfresh.com/oil-pulling/tooth-oil – can overcome this problem & help lighten the load the liver faces each day –


Vegan Tooth Oil 2018

Vegan Tooth Oil 2018

One particular oil: www.purenaturalfresh.online is the one I use – it has Sesame as the base oil – as it is the most absorbent oil and a great ‘carrier” or the Vitamin “E” and anti-oxidants into the connective tissue around the mouth.

 Mother Nature’s Pharmacy

Taste great to with Japanese Mint, Peppermint & Menthol  + lots of other ingredients from Mother Nature’s Pharmacy – all known to be good for teeth, mouth & gums over 1,000’s of years.


Keep smiling

Oil Pulling Oil - 2018

Oil Pulling Oil – 2018

Wellbeing fresh factsWhy I’ve been Oil Pulling for several years now

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