Gut Feeling – intestinal wellness – the human engine room

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Within the body there are 210 different types of cell – that’s it – skin, hair, nails, eye, bone, muscle, fascia etc. These cells are all constantly in the process or being formed, existing and dying. Each hour 1 billion cells are replaced, so for the mathematicians out there – that’s 24 billion per day – and they say – “you never change”.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Researchers confirm 98% of the atoms comprising the body today – were not there 1 year ago….so that which we were – we no longer are – hence evolution….and for us humans…growing up, maturing and aging too.

Gut Feeling – intestinal wellness – the human engine room

Increasing research is being poured into understanding the incredible complexity of the human engine room – the intestine – you know – that place where you get a gut feeling. Research showing links between general gut health and the immune system, mental disposition, skin condition, disorders, mood and various autoimmune diseases are on the rise. Treating a skin complaint might have more to do with conditions deep within rather then what you choose to apply on the surface.

Who populates your gut?

It turns out the human engine room isn’t just a – raw materials in – energy out, type of equation.  But rather the very bacteria populating the gut – heavily influence and determine the efficiency of the whole gig. You could put 100 units of food nourishment into 100 individuals and you would get 100 different ‘energy outputs” from that same food – if measured. No surprise really, after all, we know one thing, as humans, we are all different.

Thing is, whilst we all might have 300-500 types of bacteria inhabiting the ‘mother-ship’ we call our tummy – we need them to maintain a good balance if we are to get good fuel efficiency and maximum revs out of the engine room. Yes some microorganisms are harmful to our health, yet many are essential and beneficial to good order and balance within.

So it goes, a varied population of good bacteria in the intestine all contributes to enhanced functioning of the immune system, can have an impact on daily issues like weight gain and obesity, and in a psycho-somatic fashion influence mood, anxiety, stress, depression and other common 21stcentury ailments.

Pack Cleansing -20%

Pack Cleansing -20%

Epithelial Cells

About 1 billion epithelial cells within the small intestine expire and are replaced afresh every day. It’s a constant cycle of regeneration with the entire small intestine surface being replaced and replenished every 5 days – that’s why we recover from stomach upsets after a few days etc – after being sick. The contaminated surfaces having absorbed and countered the bad bacteria are themselves evacuated and replaced afresh.

What can we do

Well just as you might be conscious to service your car periodically, change the spark plugs, the oil and filter even sometimes adding fuel additives to the petrol to enhance daily performance – so to we can take a stance in pro-actively adding some “fuel additives” into the nutritional system to aid, assist and help mother nature in her daily grind of keeping us ship-shape and road-worthy.

That’s where an occasional effort to cleanse and replenish the system becomes just common sense. Perhaps 50% of all health issues have to do with gut health – you know good fibre, active pro and prebiotics, enzymes and of course vitamins and minerals.

Overnight Cleanse

The body tends to have a bit more free time for engaging in cleansing and replenishing over night while we sleep and  fast – before we wake-up and break-our-fast in the morning, hence it may make sense to take any cleansing supplements in the evening – so that they may work in concert with the bodies natural bio-rhythms of overnight de-toxing and cleansing – prior to that early morning rush into the bathroom to get rid of the aforementioned toxins…

Daily Essential

Whether you are just in for an annual MOT or need a more comprehensive engine overhaul – Pack Cleansing is one product which is a Daily Essential – every now and then. If de-energised, lacking pep or just exhausted – it may offer some beneficial uplift – you can learn more here:


Pack Cleansing

Pack Cleansing


Wellbeing fresh factsGut Feeling – intestinal wellness – the human engine room

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