Tooth Oil solution for oral cleansing

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Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling

Oral Cleansing or Harmful Tooth Paste?

Harmful Tooth Paste

Harmful Tooth Paste

Oral Cleansing? Better checkout your toothpaste tonight. What’s written on the back?  Something like: ‘keep out of reach of children’…or ‘if swallowed seek medical advice’. Maybe  ‘not to be ingested’ ..or…’minimise swallowing’…or…..’supervise brushing for those under 6 – do not swallow’.  Perhaps even: ‘if you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek medical help or contact a Poison Control Centre immediately’. And we are putting this into ourselves.  Interesting isn’t it?

Tooth Paste warnings

Tooth Paste warnings


Risks from ingesting fluoride toothpaste include permanent tooth discoloration (dental fluorosis), stomach ailments, acute toxicity, skin rashes (perioral dermatitis), and impairment in glucose metabolism. All of these risks have been unnecessarily increased by the marketing practices of toothpaste manufacturers. Who often use cartoon packaging and candy-flavors to target *adult-strength* fluoride toothpaste to young children. Is it Oral Cleansing gone mad?

Oil Pulling tradition

Whatever age we are there are alternatives. Some come from traditions thousands of years old. A charming smile with radiant white teeth, achieved naturally would be nice. To help realize this, you might give Tooth Oil a go. After all thousands of years before dentists were invented, people used various forms of oil pulling to look after oral hygiene. Of course we are conditioned to use toothpastes yet are dentist surgeries any less busy? Try and get an dentist appointment and you’ll soon see how things are.

Oil pulling today – does it work?

Oil pulling simply involves swishing oil around the mouth, using about a teaspoon of oil, which swish, push and pull around your mouth. The main benefit of doing this, is that it pulls the bacteria into the solution, which once you spit it out, reduces the amount of harmful bacteria and toxins in the mouth. There are actually thousands of different types of bacteria in the mouth. Some of them are friendly, others are not. The bacteria in the mouth create a “biofilm” on the teeth. A thin layer that they use to adhere to the surface. This is what we know as “plaque.”

Over the last few decades increasing numbers of people have tried the technique know as ‘Oil Pulling’ only to give up.  As the process is unfamiliar and further to fully de-tox, oil pulling is often recommended for twenty minutes at a time, which seems like ‘mission impossible’ for most in today’s hectic world.

Others simply don’t try it out long enough to feel the benefits, giving up after only a few days. A bit like dieting fads you might say. Yet, apparently, there are quite a few studies that support this process and a lot of people swear by it. It is claimed to whiten your teeth, make your breath fresher and lead to massive improvements in oral health. So it could pay dividends to look after our oral cleanliness as the mouth is indeed the gateway, through which most poisons gain entrance into the body. With one simple step we could help the main gatekeeper do a better job and keep the forces of decay at bay.

Oil Pull with 16+ active ingredients?

What’s interesting also is that most approaches use just one ingredient – say sesame oil or coconut oil to do all the work.  Yet, how good would it be if we could use a tooth oil with over 16 active ingredients – all acting in concert, like an orchestra, all performing specific tasks within the mouth. With this special tooth oil, ingredients have been gathered together for there effectiveness, purity and potency.  Each ingredient has established itself over hundreds of years as being ‘the right thing to use’ in maintaining, preserving and supporting good teeth and gums. Importantly, with so much fire power in the tooth oil – swishing for 2- 5 minutes does the trick.

Potent freshness

Crucially, the active ingredients within the tooth oil work so well because they are fresh with no chemical preservatives or long shop shelf life.  Mother nature’s potency.

You can try this oral cleansing dental detox easily. It is 100% fresh, 100% natural and  100% preservative free.

Daily de-tox

Shake before each use. Rinse the mouth with one teaspoon of Tooth Oil. Spread the Tooth Oil around the entire oral cavity, using the tongue, for between one to five+ minutes. Afterwards spit it out and if you wish you can brush teeth and tongue as usual, using a dampened toothbrush. Rinse with water. Use whilst showering, emailing or walking the dog. It’s best done first thing in he morning – so all the overnight mouth bacteria is effectively pulled-out and removed.

Teeth whitening properties

Teeth whitening properties

Ancient Wisdom

This space age optimised natural tooth oil contains ingredients drawn from traditional Indian (Ayurvedic), Chinese and European medicine. It combines the most potent and effective active natural ingredients recognised over the centuries as generating a beneficial effect for teeth, gums and overall oral wellness, cleanliness and detoxification.

Flossing whilst oil pulling:

Additionally bringing this ancient technique into the ‘space-age’ the natural Tooth Oil contains microfine cleansing particles made from a mineral which gently floss your teeth whilst swishing and remove any plaque deposits. Providing deep oral cleansing of the entire mouth. Hence this essentially removes the need to even brush the teeth, but many still do so with a wet brush afterwards, as we have had lifetime conditioning us to do so.

Oil pulling - Secret technique

Oil pulling – Secret technique

Natural Tooth Whitening:

Rather then modern machines to whiten the teeth, this unique brand of vegan tooth oil has both a vitalizing and a whitening effect, thanks to the Chinese medicinal plant Babchi, to which tooth-whitening properties are ascribed. Birch sugar from birch bark also provides enamel-strengthening support. This is all ancient technology at work here.

Immune – Strengthening:

Further this exquisite oil composition has immune strengthening properties thanks to turmeric extract, lemon oil and cinnamon leaf oil. Cold pressed organic sesame oil is anti-toxic and cats to calm the mucous membranes.

Anti Bacterial/ Anti Fungal:

Still that’s not all, it has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect thanks to the properties of sage, myrrh, eucalyptus and clove oil. Additionally Vitamin A, C, and E strengthen the gums, protect against bleeding and are antibacterial.

Gum Strengthening:

Many people experience bleeding gums at one time or another, others suffer a form of gum-diesease known as gingivitis, which if left untreated can eventually lead to loss of teeth. Hence, this natural tooth oil contains organic sesame oil and green tea with an astringent and gum-strengthening effect and the vitamin E to aid gum healing. The EGCG (spigallo catechin gallate) obtained from green tea extract prevents odor and cavity-causing bacteria from growing.

Ethereal oils

So how does it taste? Does it feel good to use this tooth oil on a daily basis? The answer here is provided by natural essential oils which provide an invigorating and refreshing effect.  Japanese mint, menthol, lemon oil, star aniseed, eucalyptus oil, cinnamon oil, liquorice root, sage oil, clove oil, myrrh oil all combine as active ingredients to give a ‘Va Va Va Voom’ feeling within the mouth. 


Ethereal oils provide a fresh taste and lightly disinfect the oral cavity and this effect is reinforced by xylitol, a vegetable sugar with tooth-cleaning properties. Caries, periodontitis  and tartar are prevented naturally. It is even diabetic safe and have we mentioned, it is vegan too.


Fresh breath while on the go: Of course the Tooth oil can also be used as needed, without brushing the teeth. Have some in your handbag of briefcase. Use it to simply freshen the mouth – it is so pure it is ‘food state’, presenting no problems if swallowed. Of course after regular use in oil pulling – it’s best to spit out all the solution along with the harmful bacteria.

The correct application:

Shake before each use. Rinse the mouth with 1 teaspoon of Tooth Oil. Spread the Tooth Oil around the entire oral cavity, using the tongue, for one – ten minutes. Afterwards spit it out and proceed to brush teeth and tongue as usual, using a dampened toothbrush. Rinse with water.

Important notes: Active Ingredients through Freshness

1. The product has a shelf-life of at least 10 weeks after opening the package. Once ordered it arrives direct to you within 5 days normally with an overall use by of approx 14 weeks.

Active agents

Sesame oil, green tea extract, microfine cleaning agents made of silicic acid, Xylitol, vitamin E-Ester, vitamin C-Ester, palm oil tocotrienols, vitamin A-Ester, Japanese mint, menthol, lemon oil, star aniseed, eucalyptus oil, cinnamon oil, liquorice root, sage oil, clove oil, myrrh oil.

Free from

Vegan, cruelty free, pregnancy, and diabetic safe. Free from chemical preservatives, GM raw materials, allergens, wheat, diary, gelatine, gluten, yeast, synthetic chemicals, fragrances, additives, fillers, colorants, soy, flavour enhancers.

Gentle Teeth Care

Gentle Teeth Care

Oil Pulling History

The phrase “oil pulling” comes from the ancient process of the oil being “worked” in the mouth by pulling, pushing, and sucking it through the teeth. This type of oral therapy isn’t new at all; it has its origins in Ayurvedic medicine dating back 3,000 years, also known as “kavala” or “gundusha.”

The procedure involves gargling/rinsing (swishing) about one tablespoon of oil around in your mouth. As the oil hits your teeth and gums, microbes are picked up as though they are being drawn to a powerful magnet. Bacteria hiding under crevices in the gums and in pores and tubules within the teeth are sucked out of their hiding places and held firmly in the solution. It is this which then one spits out.

Of course, oil pulling was around long before the modern dentist was invented, yet like many ancient techniques it was somehow forgotten as we all got behind the miracles of modern medicine ….or in this case modern toothpaste. Yet, with the advent of sugar rich diets, soft drinks and wall-to-wall biscuits and cream cakes it’s no wonder that even modern dentists are now themselves, overwhelmed.

Harmful toothpaste?

However, modern toothpaste manufacturers have been caught out in recent years for putting all sorts of toxic ingredients into modern toothpaste which resulted in public outcry and catapulted consumers into consciously seeking alternatives to these modern harmful toothpastes. Just google toxic toothpastes and you’ll be overwhelmed by articles.

Meanwhile, modern studies have shown the benefits of oil pulling in the prevention of tooth decay and hence by playful chance, you could say, we are coming full circle – to where we started out. Further, the growing trend is encouraging more and more to seek out organic, natural approaches to all aspects of daily health, whether it be skin care, shampoo, hand creams, supplements or toothpastes.

Added to that there is the whole medical – health angle of allowing bacteria to enter into the blood stream via dental decay, gum disease or during dental treatment – or just via daily swallowing of harmful bacteria that remain in the oral cavity.

So oral cleansing has potentially widespread effects. If this bacteria could be daily removed from the oral cavity, pulled-out, by using tooth oil, then it would relieve a strain on the body function and immune system which would be assisted by not having to cleanse and fight off a daily dose of ingested harmful bacteria. The liver, carrying out over 200 different functions daily, already has enough on it’s plate so anything we can do to lighten it’s load will surely deliver improved wellness, vitality and energy as we motor though the 21st century.


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Wellbeing fresh factsTooth Oil solution for oral cleansing

15 Comments on “Tooth Oil solution for oral cleansing”

  1. Sally68

    Much agree, Since chemical toothpaste always have higher chance to do harm, while oil pulling is a much better natural option, it’s natural tooth whitening process is very effective.

  2. Matt

    Had the first bad toothache in many years, but could not get a timely dental appointment. This product is a true, natural miracle pain reliever and gum healer. There is no pain or discomfort whatsoever.

  3. Simon64

    I have been having trouble with mouth bacteria, receding gums, and tooth sensitivity. My dentist said there are a number of things that could be causing it but it is odd since I brush and floss several times a day and otherwise have fairly healthy teeth. Haven’t heard about this Oil Pulling technique before. The natural tooth oil looks interesting. Maybe I should give this oil pulling thing a try and see if it helps.

  4. Wellbeing fresh facts

    We attended the Leeds Winterfest Fair on Sunday and as usual the Tooth Oil proved a hit. lots of people are hearing about this for the first time and are keen tio try it out. Always good to put a smile on someones face.

  5. barkmark

    Leaves everything feeling fresh and clean–a great way to get bacteria out of the mouth and have it smelling great!

  6. Steve Clam

    I really can not believe the fabulous results from using this. I had receding gums and did not think there was anything that could be done for that..but lo and behold..they are just about totally OK. This product really does what it says it will do. Loved It!

  7. shubham56

    This product is made from essential oils and will wake up your mouth and heal your breath.
    My teeth feel super clean every time I use the product, I would highly recommend this product!

  8. arononhaney

    I had very sensitive gums in one quadrant and this product was recommended by a friend. Skeptical, I bought it with no expectations. After only 2 days of use the sensitivity/pain went away 100%. I cannot recommend this product enough

  9. Kel

    I was highly skeptical of the benefits of oil pulling, and was under the impression that it was just another fad. I’m happy to say that I was completely wrong.

    This oil not only tastes great, I have already seen a noticeable change in my teeth, and have reduced tooth and gum sensitivity.

  10. Karen Spa

    The oil tastes good on its own if you mostly need it for oil-pulling. This is a great relief if compared to some of the solutions that were existing about a decade ago. It ships well wrapped to prevent any leakage.

  11. HeidiAnderson

    I do tooth oil pulling more often than usual because I have teeth spaces and end up picking up requiring extra care. This product was recommended to me because it has no synthetic chemicals and yeast.

  12. Asa_Eden

    Flossing while oil pulling with the right products will prevent your teeth from weakening due to plaque bacteria build up. If properly done, oil pulling can allow anyone to give their teeth the required dental care even while on the move. I prefer this because the oils can let me do the oil pulling very discreetly ….. often in between meetings.

  13. Jonathan

    Tried this at the West Midlands Vegan show a few weeks back – Having tried Coconut Oil Pulling – but having given up on it – as it felt a bit uncomfortable, messy – greasy etc – this Tooth Oil tasted great & really refreshed the mouth just on the initial sample I tried. What’s interesting is it’s Vegan combining a load of ingredients all there to help in one way or another with mouth hygiene – good gear

  14. TandyEliotts

    I have always looked for a way out. I previously had very visible plaque and wanted a solution that would work without the need for an extra hard toothbrush (which would have meant receding gums). Furthermore, it is organic. I have been using it for some months now with good results.

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