Free – 10 Steps to increase Wellness – Pop along & join us – 2.30pm May 20th

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10 steps to increase wellbeing

Daily steps to a healthier you- from dental care to whole food supplements – 100% toxin free.

What can I implement in my daily routine to give me more energy, wellness, good sleep and best nutrients to build a healthy overall lifestyle?

Get ideas to implement healthy choices into your every day life!

Try out products – ask questions and get inspired for healthy toxin free choices which are best for you and our environment.


See online Wellness Catalogue

Meet the FIRST FRESH BODY CARE and Super-food provider in Europe!

“Our vision is to make it possible for all people to have a good life in a better and healthier world”

*daily toxin free essentials

* try the best Whole Food Supplements on the market – suitable for people with allergies (gluten free), diabetics, pregnancy and all green thinkers

*try the FIRST FRESH body care products in Europe

*hear all about the 100% Philosophy of this award winning company with a conscience




experience the FIRST FRESH Skin/Body Care and Super-Food products in Europe- and hear all about our unique company ethos/Philosophy.

On average women apply 100 different synthetic chemicals on their body every day- a high amount of these find their way into the blood stream.

We do not want synthetic chemicals in our food- so why have them in our skin care?

Pure, truly natural and FRESH products for the whole family- sustaining a healthy home.

*why body care products should be “FOOD STATE”

*what toxins are lurking in your skin care products

and their potentially dangerous effects

*create a toxin/pollutant free bathroom at home

*New Generation Products- which are best for us and the environment

*New Generation Business- that is 100% ethical and 100% sustainable

*Whole Food Supplements – why this should be your first choice when adding supplements to your diet

Saturday May 20th – 2.30pm

Venue: Please email for next event @: [email protected]

See online Wellness Catalogue

For more information please contact:

Tel: 07968 315 684

Wellbeing fresh factsFree – 10 Steps to increase Wellness – Pop along & join us – 2.30pm May 20th

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