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Looking for a Fresh Start. A New Adventure?

2021 – High Tech Skin Care

Take a Fresh Look at Skin Care, Nutrition & Life – – 

Wellness with a Difference. Award Winning Innovations.

Learn about this Fresh Business Concept, a special chance to build your own business.

We offer free guidance & coaching to help you achieve your financial goals.

Flexible, Part Time, add it to your current Work Life balance and grow a new income stream over time.

Sustainable Wellness & Eco. Plastic free Packaging. 

Conscious living with respect to ourselves and the environment.

We can implement change as consumers making a sustainable and ethical choice what products we have in our home environment. Plant Based & Vegan.


On average women apply 100 different synthetic chemicals on their body every day- a high amount of these find their way into the blood stream.

We do not want synthetic chemicals in our food – so why have them in our skin care?

Pure, truly natural and FRESH products for the whole family – sustaining a healthy lifestyle and a toxin free home.

You can find out:

*why body care products should be Plant Based –

*what Freshness means

*how to create a toxin free bathroom at home including sustainable ethical products for the whole family

*New Generation Products- which are best for us and the environment

*New Generation Business- that is 100% ethical and 100% sustainable

*Whole Food Supplements – as nature intended


Want to chat – for more information please contact: 

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Wellbeing fresh factsWellness with a Difference & Fresh Skin Care – Spring Into Action –

The Yoga of Oil Pulling

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The Yoga of Oil Pulling

Ringana UK

Plant Based – UK

We attended a conference in Oxfordshire recently and one of the guest speakers delivered a snappily titled – 10 steps to Wellness presentation. We could see on the work bench at the front, an enchanting array of raw foods, plant based ingredients, herbs, spices, superfoods, mixers, blenders, utensils, spring water and other nutritional delights.

What’s the thing?

Soon the question was posed: What is the thing? The first thing and most effective treatment you should do upon waking? Audience responses came forth; Hydrate yourself! Drink a glass of water. Check your Whatsapp. Breathing Exercises. Stretch & do Yoga Sun salutations, Surya Namaskar….  and so on

But what was item number one?  Turns out, on that day, in that room, none of the above. It was, you guessed it, in for a penny, in for a pound, to be or not to be! Oil pulling.

Skin Care Education

Wellness Fads

Now whilst this may be new news to some, over recent years there has been a wide spread wellness fad championing the technique of oil pulling. A technique that is thousands of years old, coming from the same place that developed and launched the ancient app – Yoga – Mother India of course.

There’s been lots of Instagram, Blogging & You Tube experts offering all sorts of wisdom on the technique.  The interesting thing for most people and what ultimately leads to true behavioural change in our daily lives with any new (to us) idea, turns out to be the following.

Changing Yourself!

Is the new action being recommended; sustainable, convenient, easy and can we readily integrate it into our busy lives, without having to sacrifice time (which we don’t have too much of) or special equipment?

And the answer is ….maybe – if we are savvy and play it smart. So let’s make a start.

Are you in or out?

If you listen to the many explanations on using, for example, Coconut Oil for Oil Pulling – then the guidance is – you should oil-pull for 20 Minutes. Wow a full 1200 seconds … and that’s the point when many onlookers considering Oil Pulling, in true Dragons Den style, declare: I’m out!

So to achieve a change and incorporate this new action into our daily life we might need to find a more savvy, ancient wisdom meets modern high tech, time sensitive option. Something that gets the job done more efficiently and yet is still 100% efficacious.

Vegan Tooth Oil 2020

Vegan Tooth Oil 2020

Tooth Oil to the Rescue

One unique solution combining the best of this ancient Ayurvedic technique with modern high tech, is a Tooth Oil which rather then relying on one ingredient (i.e. coconut) relies on over 20 bio-available active ingredients,  to get the job done.

Imagine, it’s similar to either having just one instrument doing the job or a whole orchestra at work with each ingredient attending to different requirements – and hence – the oil pulling effect can be achieved in 3-5 minutes (during the morning shower or 1stgoogle of the day) rather then 20 minutes which for many means “mission impossible!”

Oil Pulling & Tooth Oil

Oil Pulling & Tooth Oil

Daily Detox

But why is it Item 1 on the 10 steps to Wellness presentation, what is actually being achieved by Oil Pulling.

Different to using a Tooth Brush to ‘scratch” the teeth in the morning, we came to understand why Oil pulling removes all the toxins thrown into the oral cavity overnight and cleanses teeth, mouth & gums. Not just teeth, and is thereby a valuable technique to detox our overall body function,  bit by bit, day by day, gently.

The Story so Far

Basically when we sleep all the body’s organs, rebalance, recalibrate & throw-off toxins and when we awake in the morning all bright and breezy (you know how that feels!), we all rush to the bathroom to ‘get rid’ of those toxins during our morning ablutions.

Also we might blow our nose, rub sleep from our eyes, naughtily cotton-bud our ears etc – but when it comes to the mouth, we often just, ‘give the teeth a good scratch’ with a tooth brush and paste and then head ‘downstairs’ to breakfast.

In so doing, we may end up ingesting & swallowing down all the toxins, microbes, bacteria the body has thrown into the oral cavity overnight (for removal) and then our liver & metabolism has to once again de-tox all these toxins. Hence the purpose of the early morning “Yoga of Oil Pulling” to cleanse the oral cavity.

Oil pulling – can overcome this problem and help lighten the load the liver faces each day.

This particular Tooth oil is one which brings together the ancient and modern, it has Sesame as the base oil, as it is the most absorbent oil and a great ‘carrier” of the tooth oil’s constituents. For example, whilst Oil pulling, ingredients like Vitamin “E” (often difficult for the body to absorb)  and anti-oxidants are carried into the connective tissue and gum pockets around the mouth.

Natural Remedies for Menopause

Natural Remedies

Mother Nature’s Pharmacy

What’s more, conveniently it taste great too with Japanese Mint, Peppermint & Menthol plus lots of other ingredients from Mother Nature’s Pharmacy, all known to be good for teeth, mouth & gums over 1,000’s of years. Synergistically working together.

So number 1 on the 10 steps to Wellness is a Daily detox via the ancient ayurvedic oil pulling technique and once you have removed the toxins you are good to go with some of the next steps, like steps 2-5.

2 – Ventilating Yourself – via early morning breathing exercise’s (includes a brisk walk)

3 – Achieving Yoga via Yoga Meditation   ideally before your world wakes up.

4 – Hydrating Yourself by drinking some of your daily 1.5-2.0 litres of H2O

and so on…..

of course the later steps focused on what we are ingesting food wise and nutritionally via supplements and how preservative free and fresh these items might be?

5 – So Omega 3’s got a shout out – fish free of course – hence vegan.

Vegan Omega 3

Vegan Omega 3

For example, omega 3 with oil-soluble antioxidants combat the signs of aging with a smart strategy from nature and contribute to our supply of Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin D.

The purely vegan Omega-3 fatty acids from the microalgae serve as cell building blocks and are believed to protect against cardiac disease. The highly effective antioxidants oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC), obtained from red grapeseed extract capture free radicals and possess anti-inflammatory properties. they are based on a 100% Freshness Philosophy.

Then the focus shifted onto specific menu options.

Highlighting the nutritional value of plant based foods, raw foods, super food ingredients, like turmeric, pepper, ginger, lemon and how these might be combined to produce effective nutritional outcomes….

The main thing is.

The main thing is. Start with one thing. One change = change and in the realm of behavioural changes, this for us humans is often the most difficult thing. We all know the old maxim: “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, so too it is with us. We are often (unconsciously) highly conditioned in how we think, act, behave and react.  So getting us to try something new, well it’s an uphill struggle and the reason why the entire (A-I) Advertising Industry exists….just to get us to try something new, and maybe even feel good about it.

So keep smiling, and if you practice Yoga to cleanse & balance the subtle system, you might like to consider the “Yoga of Oil Pulling” to help cleanse the physical vessel too.

Wellbeing fresh factsThe Yoga of Oil Pulling

So you want to go plastic free

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Go sustainable & plastic free

Oil Pulling & Tooth Oil

Oil Pulling & Tooth Oil

So you want to go plastic free. To consume with a conscience. To go sustainable & plastic free.

Year round or for always: fresh, sustainable, ethical, synthetic, toxin & plastic free packaging = eco plastic

Holistic Health & Wellness

This could be the Holistic Wellness Opportunity you’ve been looking for – a new role that will provide you with more life balance.

Discover if …………. our 100% award winning ethics, values and sustainability philosophy align with your own

Maybe we can work together….

It’s all about: Daily Essentials that do make a difference – Fresh Body Care * Superfoods * Energy Drinks

If you are intent on making a positive impact on the world –

Try: Conscious living with respect to ourselves and the environment.

You Decide

Skin Care Secret

Vegan Skin Care Secret

We can implement change as consumers making a sustainable and ethical choice what products we have in our home environment.

Experience FRESH body care and super-food products – and hear  about a unique company ethos and philosophy.

It’s said, on average women apply 100 different synthetic chemicals on their body every day – a high amount of these find their way into the blood stream.

We do not want synthetic chemicals in our food – so why do we allow them in our skin care?

Pure, truly natural and FRESH products for the whole family – sustaining a healthy lifestyle and a toxin free home.

Find out more about

De Tox your Skin & hair in 2017

De Tox your skin & hair in 2023

* “Oil Pulling” as a morning ritual

*why body care products should be “PLANT BASED” and vegan

*what our USP Freshness means

*how to create a toxin free bathroom at home including sustainable ethical products for the whole family

*New Generation Products- which are best for us and the environment

*New Generation Business- that is 100% ethical and 100% sustainable

*Whole Food Supplements – as nature intended

Get inspired by healthy toxin free choices which are best for you and our environment. Eco plastic containers too!


For more information please contact us on:

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Wellbeing fresh factsSo you want to go plastic free

X-Mas with a conscience – Go sustainable & plastic free @ Christmas

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X-Mas with a conscience – Go sustainable & plastic free @ Christmas

Whether it is X-Mas with a conscience – Go sustainable & plastic free @ Christmas

Better still, all year round: fresh, sustainable, ethical, synthetic, toxin & plastic free.

Holistic Health & Wellness

This could be the Holistic Wellness Opportunity you’ve been looking for – a new role that will provide you with more life balance.

Hear about our 100% award winning ethics, values and sustainability philosophy to see if they align with your own

Maybe we can work together….

It’s all about: Daily Essentials that do make a difference – Fresh Body Care * Superfoods * Energy Drinks

If you are intent on making a positive impact on the world –

Try: Conscious living with respect to ourselves and the environment.

You Decide

We can implement change as consumers making a sustainable and ethical choice what products we have in our home environment.


Experience the FIRST FRESH Body Care and Super-Food products in Europe- and hear all about our unique company ethos and philosophy.

Plant-based Skin Care

What do you feed your skin?

On average women apply 100 different synthetic chemicals on their body every day- a high amount of these find their way into the blood stream.

We do not want synthetic chemicals in our food- so why have them in our skin care?

Pure, truly natural and FRESH products for the whole family- sustaining a healthy lifestyle and a toxin free home.

Find out about…

* “Oil Pulling” as a morning ritual

*why body care products should be “FOOD STATE” and vegan

*what a USP of Freshness means

*how to create a toxin free bathroom at home including sustainable ethical products for the whole family

*New Generation Products- which are best for us and the environment

*New Generation Business – that is 100% ethical and 100% sustainable

*Whole Food Supplements – as nature intended

*Winner of the European Business Awards

Ask questions and get inspired for healthy toxin free choices which are best for you and our environment. Eco Plastic Containers too!


For more information please contact:

Email: [email protected]


Tel: 07968 315 684

Wellbeing fresh factsX-Mas with a conscience – Go sustainable & plastic free @ Christmas

Coping with Gout

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Coping with Gout in 2023 –

Gout seems to increasingly find it’s way into people’s lives uninvited and coping with gout can prove challenging. It is said 1% of the world’s population have DNA which is pre-deposed to convert food produced purines into Ulric Acid & therefore make sufferers more prone to Gout attacks when not consciously “managed”.

It’s easy to get caught out with busy living, fast food, quick coffees and tasty take-out food. What’s more, by the time you hear your bodies ‘call to action’ – you are already ‘in-it’, experiencing a gout attack and in pain too. People have used a few things over the years to combat the effects of Gout and here are a few of things they mentioned: Links included….

Montmorency Cherry Juice (Cherry Active)


Good for alleviating the effects of Ulric Acid….also comes in dried capsule form – you can pick Cherry Active up from Holland & Barratt on many UK high streets. 

Vegan Omega 3

Move & Gout

Move Capsules (Supplements)

They contain Indian frankincense & cucumin extract from tumeric which both have great anti-inflammatory effects – 3-6 capsules per day – along with other plant based substances. Great for joints, cartilage & general movement – thats why its called MOVE –

Move Capsules

Homeopathy & Gout

On the Homeopathic front – treatments like Cochicum 30 – available from shops like “Nelsons in London” can be helpful in alleviating the effects of ulric acid in the system.

The main point is acknowledging the need for alkalising your system – to insulate against purine producing foods & purines generated via your own metabolism.

Naughty for gout sufferers can be many of the things we might like such as things like coffee, sugary drinks, alcohol (full of sugar), chic peas & humous, shell fish, red meats, sugary Coca Cola – the is a big list.

Alkalaising supplements

Vegan Omega 3

Coping with Gout

Another useful alkalising natural supplement that might help is known as PACK BALANCING which comes not in a capsule but in a sachet which your mix with water & drink as shake in the morning – or as preferred:

Balancing – alakalising packs

In this way mixing & matching some have been able to manage their pH, reduce ulric acid without going via the route of a daily allopathic medication.

Please comment with any other experiences.


Of course an absolute, but often neglected act hydration.  Forgetting to hydrate, during our daily routine – can leave your system dry, so flushing your system with ample water can help tremendously, as each cell can hell in flushing and balancing the system – but they all need a drink too!

Stress Not

Lack of sleep, exhaustion, over doing it, stress, tension, deadlines, lack of time to get things done, to many demands being placed on yourself – all these can “stress” the system and exacerbate and worsen whatever physiological state your body is in.


Things that are anti-inflammatory – will help, getting good bio-available curcumin, frankincense etc will all help. As nice as turmeric is when added to salad, or soups the actual valuable cur cumin isn’t readily absorbed by the body.  The active ingredient needed, cur cumin, may not be so bio-available with fresh turmeric, so the effect isn’t so great. Using a supplement with the extract in high concentration can prove a far more effective way to achieve the right result – hence the Move Capsules might be a good call.

Wellbeing fresh factsCoping with Gout

Support during menopause

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Image 2 - CCBY

Menopause & Nutritional Supplements

Support during Menopause

The menopause can be a stressful time for woman as the body undergoes changes that are completely out of our control. As the hormone balance in the body changes fewer hormones are produced and you may experience a range of unpleasant, and unusual side effects:

• Hot flushes or night sweats, which can be very uncomfortable and moreover, inconvenient.
• Changes in mood are also common, and can consist of feelings of depression and anxiety.
• Sleeping patterns may be effected and you might have trouble sleeping at night. Or may experience feelings of lethargy and tiredness.
• Loss of libido and discomfort during sex.
• Other aches and pains, such as headaches and sometimes heart palpitations.

All these side effects are completely natural reactions to the change in hormones in your body. Although, they can still be uncomfortable and at times, quite alarming.

Many women’s experiences of the menopause can lead them to seek medical help and treatment. Hormone Replacement Therapy [HRT] is an option for some women. Especially those who have undergone menopause at an unusually young age or have other health problems. But, it’s important to remember that if you are otherwise healthy, and undergoing the menopause at a normal age, taking chemical hormones in the form of HRT can be a drastic decision. This is because there is strong evidence that HRT can cause breast, womb and ovarian cancer.

Alleviating the symptoms, while in tune with nature

A more natural option is to take health supplements. Supplements which are specifically tailored to support the female body during this transitional phase. CAPS fem contains active, natural ingredients that work in harmony to help you cope with the more unpleasant effects of the menopause. It combines the best active ingredients from centuries of traditional Chinese, European and Indian medicine. With each individual ingredient working in its own way to support the feminine hormonal balance.

Support during Menopause

Along with other ingredients to improve female vitality and health, the supplement contains botanical hormones called phytohormones. These are a natural way to replace hormones in the body. Mexican Yam, soy and a lignin rich extract from Norwegian spruce are excellent sources for these desired phytohormones. To read more about all of the active, natural ingredients, click hereTake back your health

100% natural, 100% effective

Many products you find in shops may have shockingly low quantities of the active ingredients that the consumer is buying it for. Instead, such products are packed with chemical preservatives that allow them to sit on the shelves for months or years before being purchased.

Hence the hoped for effects of active ingredients are therefore enormously weakened. Making the product often far less potent and effective. Further, the longer the product sits on the shelf, the more the ingredients start to lose their freshness, and therefore their potency, too.

100% freshness

In contrast, CAPS fem only contain active, fresh, natural ingredients, making them remarkably potent and effective. This is crucial support during menopause, helping you to feel full of vitality and wellness during your menopause. Further when you CAPS fem, they are delivered fresh within 3-14 of being blended and packaged. Hence 100% freshness.

CAPS fem are a powerful, natural way to allay the unpleasant symptoms of the menopause and help you transition gracefully and happily to the next stage of your life.

Support during Menopause

Wellbeing fresh factsSupport during menopause

The Symptoms Of Menopause

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Symptoms of Menopause

Women approaching a certain age should familiarise themselves with the symptoms of menopause. Perhaps stocking up on supplements for menopause might be a good preparation.

The first symptom is typically a change in the pattern of your periods. Then there are hot flushes, night sweats, loss of libido.  Headaches, palpitations, changes in mood such as tiredness, anxiety and depression may also play a part. Urinary tract infections and insomnia too.

Every woman will be affected differently so it’s hard to predict how long the menopause will last.  Also the severity of the symptoms can vary, depending on lifestyle, overall health and genetics.

There are ways in which you can manage the menopause and while many don’t need treatment, you may find it becomes necessary later on. You can use nutritional supplements or hormone replacement therapy (HRT), as well as antidepressants if necessary.

If you’re on HRT, make sure you visit your GP regularly after you begin treatment to help make sure that your symptoms are being kept under control.

Early menopause can also affect some women under the age of 40 so book an appointment with your doctor if you’re concerned. You will likely be referred to a gynaecologist for further advice and possible treatment.

Supplements such as soy, Mexican yam, Resveratrol, and the ayurvedic herb shatavari can also prove to be useful for those going through the menopause. Its worth considering these as forms of treatment if you feel as though other avenues are not proving particularly fruitful.

See supplements for menopause

Wellbeing fresh factsThe Symptoms Of Menopause

Vegan Sports Fitness Nutrition

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Vegan Sports Fitness Nutrition

For those interested in Vegan Sports Fitness Nutrition latest statistics from ‘The Vegan Society’ reveal the last ten years have seen numbers of vegans increase by a massive 350% in the UK alone. Almost 600,000 of us Brits are now proudly following the vegan diet, which is associated with improved health and wellness.

There are a whole range of physical benefits linked to veganism including increased life expectancy, reduced risk of cancer and decreased chance of developing heart disease or diabetes. Avoiding the consumption of animal products also positively impacts the appearance of our skin. In addition, the vegan lifestyle can improve our overall mental health, promoting wellbeing while lowering the likeliness of being affected by common mental disorders such as anxiety and depression.

“Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.”

Keeping physically active is extremely beneficial to our health and wellbeing. Yet accessing nutritional fitness products can be a bit of a nightmare for the vegan population. Thankfully, we have found some fantastic vegan-friendly products that are both affordable and effective. The RINGANA Sports range literally has everything we’ve been looking for.

Supplements for the Super Sporty

“Exercise it the most underutilized antidepressant.”

Mental illness affects one in four UK adults, however research confirms a reduction in symptoms amongst those of us who exercise on a regular basis. Those of us who engage in physical activity can expect to live longer, happier and more fulfilling lives than those who are inactive.

Vegan Sports Fitness Nutrition

Vegan Sports Fitness Nutrition

Vegan Sports Fitness Nutrition

While the vegan diet is extremely healthy and filled with nutritional value, specially designed sports supplements can give us a helping hand. Using all natural ingredients and with no animal testing or products involved in the production, RINGANA Sport Push supplements make the perfect choice.

Great value for money, the Push capsules make the maintaining of our sport routines more realistic. Even with the most demanding activities they strengthen your ability to fight off feelings of fatigue by stimulating the use of our body’s reserves.

Although enabling maximum performance, Push supplements will also reduce the length of time your body requires to make a full recovery. So you can push yourself to the limit without the worry of being out of action afterwards.

Energy for when it’s Essential

Life in the 21st Century is often fast-paced and frantic. Freeing up time to focus on fitness can be challenging enough, let alone finding the energy.

Vegan Sports

We all know that feeling of exhaustion after a long day spent working, carrying out family duties and keeping on top of the housework. As we begin our work-out it’s not uncommon to crave extra energy in a bid to improve our stamina and overall performance.

Many of the products designed for quick-release energy are packed full of sugar and artificial ingredients which sort of counteracts the benefits gained from the physical activities we’re doing. Discovering a healthy alternative which is also suitable for vegans can be described as the equivalent of looking for a needle in a haystack. I mean, there are only so many bananas we can eat, right?

Imagine our delight when we came across the Sport Boost by RINGANA which thankfully ticks all the boxes. The perfect source of energy for high endurance sports. It improves performance and stamina using only natural ingredients. The clever addition of amino-acids provides you with that quick and immediate boost, while impressively leaving long-lasting energy too.

The After Work-out Answer

It’s no secret that working out leaves you looking great and the release of endorphins can put you on a high. That’s all very good, but what about the after work-out aches and pains that we experience in our muscles and joints? We have the answer! A vegan-friendly, thermal active gel is exactly what you need.

Tried and tested, we can fully recommend the RINGANA Sport Gel Go which is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. This gel is heavenly after a work-out. The best way we can describe it is like a cuddle and a massage rolled into one, taking the form of a gel.

Applying after exercise will put an end to those sore and stiff body parts. Natural ingredients such as chilli and ginger will immediately provide a sense of warmth as they get to work on relaxing and soothing your hard worked muscles. The addition of mint-menthol relieves the burning feeling often felt in our joints and muscles post-exercise. This gel really is a godsend as it also promotes increased blood-flow back into your muscles and skin. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the included caffeine that’s extracted purely from rich coffee beans promises to leave your skin looking and feeling energised.

Overall, the Push, Boost and Go Sport range from RINGANA provides your body with some TLC allowing increased activity, enhanced performance and improved energy, vitality and wellbeing.

Wellbeing fresh factsVegan Sports Fitness Nutrition

The Perfect Vegan Skin Care Routine Revealed

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Perfect Vegan Skin Care Routine

Fresh Skin Care approach

Fresh Skin Care approach

Maintaining a natural youthful glow needn’t be too difficult – if you follow a regular regime using vegan skin care with active ingredients, then your skin will thank you and never look dull or tired again. But you do need to put in the hard work and do your best not to miss a day where you don’t stick to your new routine. Here’s how to achieve perfect skin whether young or old.

Cleanse, tone & exfoliate

Do your research into the various cleansers available and always opt for one that is gentle on your skin. Toning is a step that people often miss out but it can help to get rid of any make-up remains, reduce pore size and reduce any redness you have so don’t skip it! And exfoliating is also necessary as it can get rid of dead skin cells and a build-up of oil. Do this daily and you’ll really see the difference.

Active Ingredients in Skin Care

Active Ingredients in Skin Care


Another key part of any skin care regime is the moisturiser. This is necessary in order to replenish your skin and keep it looking and feeling soft and smooth. Have two – a day moisturiser with an SPF of 15 or higher and a thicker creamy night moisturiser to help your skin recover from the day.

Chest and neck

Often, people only ever use their skin care routine on their face but you shouldn’t neglect your chest and neck either. They see just as much of the sun as your face does! No need to buy extra products –the ones for your face will work just fine.

Fresh Skin Care Explained –

There is Golden Rule in selecting effective skin care cosmetics – to be remembered at all times: Active substances in skin care have a slightly inconvenient side effect: They’re only active when they’re administered fresh. This reality makes all the difference and Ringana is the only company in the world that offers fresh vegan skin care products. In fact as they produce 8-10 times per month in smaller batches, whenever you order a product it is delivered within 3-14 days of having been blended and packaged. Furthermore, if it is contained within a plastic bottle, rest assured this is no ordinary plastic – but Ringana’s own Eco Plastic bottles – developed and innovated to meet the demanding sustainability standards they set – derived from Mother nature’s own natural sugarcane. See the complete range of 100% fresh Vegan skin care options.





Wellbeing fresh factsThe Perfect Vegan Skin Care Routine Revealed

Benefits of using Vegan skin care

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Benefits of Vegan Skin Care
Benefits of Vegan Skin Care

Benefits of Vegan Skin Care

Benefits of using Vegan skin care

In recent years, more and more people are moving away from eating meat and adopting a plant based diet instead. Following a vegan lifestyle doesn’t stop with just what you are putting in your mouth though. For many vegans it is just as important to be wearing clothing and choosing skincare, cosmetic and household products that are free from any ingredients that have ingredients derived from animals. This includes ingredients such as lanolin, honey, collagen, beeswax, carmine, gelatin, cholesterol, squalene and stearic acid. These are used in many beauty and cosmetic products from leading manufacturers around the world.

There are many benefits in using vegan skin care, for both your skin and the environment.

Superior testing

Vegan Skin Care Ecocert

Vegan Skin Care Ecocert

In order to be able to obtain recognised vegan credentials, vegan skin care products are subject to rigorous testing. This process means that vegan skin care products tend to be made from organic or natural ingredients, as well as superior quality other ingredients.

Natural ingredients

What do you feed your skin?

What do you feed your skin?

If you consider that 60% of products placed directly on to the skin are absorbed into the lower dermal layers, you want those products to be as natural and gentle as possible. Skin care that is not vegan tends to have a much higher level of chemical and toxin ingredients, which can be damaging to your skin in both the short and long term.

Vegan skin care contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and nutrients to really nourish your skin and supports its recovery and repair over time. We only use natural raw materials that come from sustainable and renewable sources. There are no artificial preservatives or genetically modified ingredients in any of the products.

 Suitable for all skin types

Vegan skin care products are excellent for all skin types, and especially if you suffer from any conditions such as sensitive or allergy-prone skin. Thanks to their superior formulations, vegan skin care products usually contain fewer ingredients overall and less of the ingredients that can aggravate skin conditions. They also have great anti-ageing benefits, with many raw ingredients having been used for centuries for this purpose. These Plant Based products are made fresh on their own premises and arrive with you no later than 14 days after they have carefully blended and bottled. Creating products in this way means that receive maximum benefit from the antioxidants inside each bottle.

Kind to the environment

Cosmetic analysis  - Vegan Skin Care

Cosmetic analysis – Vegan Skin Care

Using vegan skin care products has a beneficial impact on the environment too.  Products are not tested on animals and this includes raw materials from suppliers too. Also, they are shipped in eco-friendly packaging.



Wellbeing fresh factsBenefits of using Vegan skin care

Vegan Skin Care

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Vegan Skin Care 

Natural Blue Eye Filter

Natural Blue Eye Filter

Nowadays we are much more conscious of what we buy to eat. Often making an effort to select organic, natural, vegan, local fresh produce. Yet when it comes to cosmetics options or dietary supplements we may be less mindful of what exactly goes into the products we buy. It’s as if our quality control sensors switch off.

Advertisers, marketing pros, PR merchants,  spin doctors and all those TV adverts, magazine spreads and online video’s and articles, well, they are only interested in one thing.  Influencing us the way their paymasters wish and the reality of facts regarding the “goodness” of what is being promoted is often a forgotten principle.

Mother nature’s best

For example, if what we apply to our skin in the bathroom every day is readily absorbed by the skin,  why wouldn’t we want to use the best that mother nature has to offer?  Say vegan skin care products rather then less healthy, synthetic man made options

Natural Skin Care - Ringana

Natural Vegan Skin Care 

What do we give our skin to eat?

After all, our skin may end up “eating” all sorts of unhealthy content. Then our metabolism and liver then have to cope with spending valuable resources to detox such contaminants from our inner system. Hence body function itself may be overwhelmed simply by what we are applying to ourselves everyday in the bathroom.

Think shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, cream concentrates, toners. Cleansing milk, hydroserum, facial toners, deodorant.  Skin tonics, anti-wrinkle serum, tinted fluids. Eye serum, exfoliating scrub, hand balm, vein spray.  Structural lipids, nail balm, body wash,  the list is unending.

Secondary Plant Substances

It’s not all doom and gloom. Awareness is changing.  Use of secondary plant substances to blend ever more effective solutions directly from mother nature’s pharmacy are becoming more widespread. 

The Role of Antioxidants

We know that valuable antioxidants found throughout the plant world help body function and vitality. Yet when used, they are really only truly effective when fresh. Getting them extracted and blended in sufficient strength and into blended into products is one thing. Getting them into customers bathrooms is another challenging protocol and an issue of timing.

Natural Remedies for Menopause

Natural Remedies for Menopause

Vegan Supplements

For a vegan skin care product the question becomes: How long since all the wonderful ingredients in the vegan skin care or vegan supplement, were put in there? Then one has to consider: What’s the sell-by or use-by date?  These pointers of course indicate the amount of preservatives and therefore freshness. 

Taking it to the next level the question becomes: Can I get a product, so fresh, that the  secondary plant substances containing the active ingredients and the molecular antioxidants are still 100% active, when I apply it to my hair, face and skin.

Ideally a product which arrives within 3-14 days from being blended and bottled?  Not one taken off a warehouse shelf somewhere after months sitting there. Maybe produced 16 months ago with a 2 to 3 year sell by date on it.

100% Freshness

That’s the amazing story we want to share with you. To bring to your attention. Namely, the principle of 100% Freshness and what that delivers in terms of vitality and effectiveness.

An understanding of products with a 6-10 month use-by window.  Yet when opened that optimal use-by window is more like 12 weeks. A time, during which you  get the maximum benefit of applying the ingredients as mother nature intended, fresh and active. 

That’s why we recommend these products from a company growing by 40%+ annually.

With evermore people searching for truly natural vitality and wellness the solutions are here.  Discover for yourself the benefits of vegan skin care, and vegan supplements. It can be a real revelation.

In short, real effects, real outcomes.  And the proof?  Real customers that not only return but they also recommend this approach, this 100% freshness philosophy to others. You can learn more & order here.


Oil Pulling versus Toxins










Wellbeing fresh factsVegan Skin Care

Gut Feeling – intestinal wellness – the human engine room

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Wellness transformation

Within the body there are 210 different types of cell – that’s it – skin, hair, nails, eye, bone, muscle, fascia etc. These cells are all constantly in the process or being formed, existing and dying. Each hour 1 billion cells are replaced, so for the mathematicians out there – that’s 24 billion per day – and they say – “you never change”.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Researchers confirm 98% of the atoms comprising the body today – were not there 1 year ago….so that which we were – we no longer are – hence evolution….and for us humans…growing up, maturing and aging too.

Gut Feeling – intestinal wellness – the human engine room

Increasing research is being poured into understanding the incredible complexity of the human engine room – the intestine – you know – that place where you get a gut feeling. Research showing links between general gut health and the immune system, mental disposition, skin condition, disorders, mood and various autoimmune diseases are on the rise. Treating a skin complaint might have more to do with conditions deep within rather then what you choose to apply on the surface.

Who populates your gut?

It turns out the human engine room isn’t just a – raw materials in – energy out, type of equation.  But rather the very bacteria populating the gut – heavily influence and determine the efficiency of the whole gig. You could put 100 units of food nourishment into 100 individuals and you would get 100 different ‘energy outputs” from that same food – if measured. No surprise really, after all, we know one thing, as humans, we are all different.

Thing is, whilst we all might have 300-500 types of bacteria inhabiting the ‘mother-ship’ we call our tummy – we need them to maintain a good balance if we are to get good fuel efficiency and maximum revs out of the engine room. Yes some microorganisms are harmful to our health, yet many are essential and beneficial to good order and balance within.

So it goes, a varied population of good bacteria in the intestine all contributes to enhanced functioning of the immune system, can have an impact on daily issues like weight gain and obesity, and in a psycho-somatic fashion influence mood, anxiety, stress, depression and other common 21stcentury ailments.

Pack Cleansing -20%

Pack Cleansing -20%

Epithelial Cells

About 1 billion epithelial cells within the small intestine expire and are replaced afresh every day. It’s a constant cycle of regeneration with the entire small intestine surface being replaced and replenished every 5 days – that’s why we recover from stomach upsets after a few days etc – after being sick. The contaminated surfaces having absorbed and countered the bad bacteria are themselves evacuated and replaced afresh.

What can we do

Well just as you might be conscious to service your car periodically, change the spark plugs, the oil and filter even sometimes adding fuel additives to the petrol to enhance daily performance – so to we can take a stance in pro-actively adding some “fuel additives” into the nutritional system to aid, assist and help mother nature in her daily grind of keeping us ship-shape and road-worthy.

That’s where an occasional effort to cleanse and replenish the system becomes just common sense. Perhaps 50% of all health issues have to do with gut health – you know good fibre, active pro and prebiotics, enzymes and of course vitamins and minerals.

Overnight Cleanse

The body tends to have a bit more free time for engaging in cleansing and replenishing over night while we sleep and  fast – before we wake-up and break-our-fast in the morning, hence it may make sense to take any cleansing supplements in the evening – so that they may work in concert with the bodies natural bio-rhythms of overnight de-toxing and cleansing – prior to that early morning rush into the bathroom to get rid of the aforementioned toxins…

Daily Essential

Whether you are just in for an annual MOT or need a more comprehensive engine overhaul – Pack Cleansing is one product which is a Daily Essential – every now and then. If de-energised, lacking pep or just exhausted – it may offer some beneficial uplift – you can learn more here: www.purenaturalfresh.online


Pack Cleansing

Pack Cleansing


Wellbeing fresh factsGut Feeling – intestinal wellness – the human engine room

Vegan Gifts

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Vegan Gifts – Skin Care

Wonderful Vegan Gifts – a great treat for the skin, whether it’s shampoo, deodorant or moisturiser – what you give your skin to eat makes a big difference.

Anti Wrinkle cream corrects and smooths small wrinkles and circles. Visibly younger skin day by day.🌱

Smart serum with highly concentrated high-tech active ingredients. It’s most powerful feature is its long-term effect. Ingredients include carnosine, a cell booster.

See the full range of Vegan Skin Care Gifts where Mother Natures Pharmacy meets High Tech Know-how to give you truly 100% Freshness options and choices.

All delivered direct within 4-5 days. Products arrive between 3-14 days from being blended and bottled. If in plastic bootle – rest assured these are trend making Eco plastic bottles – innovated and derived from Sugar Cane. Otherwise in recyclable glass.

Vegan Gifts

Plant-based Skin Care

What do you feed your skin?

Wellbeing fresh factsVegan Gifts

Vegan Oil Pulling Day – Tooth Oil

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Vegan Tooth Oil 2021


Order yours today

We’ve been attending Vegan shows now for 3-4 years and there has been great interest in Oil Pulling & Tooth Oil. In fact everyday is Vegan Oil Pulling Day!

Of course Ayurveda has this knowledge since 1000s of years – but with this 21stcentury update –  Oil pulling has become convenient and accessible – with Sesame oil + 20+ Natural Active Ingredients prevents gum disease and makes it impossible for bad bacteria to damage teeth – also helps to clear sinuses and sore throat .  A handbag essential when out and about to keep the mouth cavity clean and fresh !

Order Here: Delivered within 4-5 days

Oil Pulling - Harley Street Dentist

Oil Pulling – Harley Street Dentist


Wellbeing fresh factsVegan Oil Pulling Day – Tooth Oil

Is Football Coming Home – If so – is this where?

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Footballs Coming Home - UK

Footballs Coming Home – the History!

Every 52 years it is written that England’s Astrological Football Stars are best aligned for a good shot at the World Cup. Of course the last time this event came to pass was 52 years ago in 1966 – so it seems fair to say things are looking reasonable – for a possible repeat on July 15th 2018 – only obstacle being – 2 more teams to play, outmanoeuvre and beat.

Here in deepest England – the search has been on to find the actual home of football and understand what it’s all about:


So there you have it – if football is coming home – we expect it to pay a visit top the above location. After all people have enjoyed kicking a ball about for 1,000’s of years – not just since 1863 when modern football was ‘invented’ – so why not here too.


Football's coming home 2018

Football’s coming home 2018

Footballs Coming Home - UK

Footballs Coming Home – UK

Wellbeing fresh factsIs Football Coming Home – If so – is this where?

Reputable Network Marketing Opportunity – MLM

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Reputable Network Marketing Opportunity?

Reputable Network Marketing. We have a story to tell

Benefits of Vegan Skin Care

Benefits of Vegan Skin Care

Looking for fresh adventures, new opportunities, interesting possibilities and flexible working. Maybe looking to build a second independent income stream. At your own pace, in your own time. Yet it has to be a real, reputable network marketing opportunity. Something, established with integrity.  Offering valuable, unique USP’s.   Something where coaching, guidance and support via monthly team events is available.  Something with accessible online webinars and mentor support. Your dream business could earn you a fortune over time. But make no mistakes you have to put in the work. But guess what, you get the rewards. You choose your hours and fit it in with your current commitments. Sounds good?

Uniqueness and USP’s

Offering a 100% High-Tech Freshness Philosophy. One which delivers unique cutting edge natural wholefood nutritional and Eco-Cert Skin Care. Hence products bursting with ‘active ingredients’ and hence a company growing at 40% plus annually.

Quality & Effectiveness

Control of every step of product development, formulation and filling. Hence whenever a customer orders a product it is no older than 3-14 days old when delivered. Further all raw materials and also all finished products are tested by an external institute at the cellular level for potency, toxins and purity.

Whats app me +44 7968 315 684

Invitation to Event

Direct Selling. A Great Business Opportunity. Reputable Network Marketing from an Award winning company. Winner of 2017 European Business Awards for Innovation, Ethics and Business Success.  Join us for an Intro Evening in London Thursday Sept 13th 2018 @7.30pm – See Eventbrite Registration below:

Business Info Evening

Reputable Network Marketing – How to do it?

Invite, refer & recommend, that’s all it takes! Build a business over time with this reputable network marketing company.  We are currently building this unique award winning business here in the UK. We also have partners in many European Countries and the business can travel with you within Europe.

Products online – Ringana Web Shop


Award Winning Credentials

Winner of European Business Awards 2017 for Innovation, Business Success and Ethics.  Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom 

What we are proud of!

  • Winner of TRIGOS Award – Body Products
  • Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Energy Globe Award
  • Green Brands Award
  • Daphne Environmental Award
  • Luxepack Monaco Step Award


Our VISION is to enable a good life for all people in a better and healthier world. Sounds good? Get in touch for more information and/ or to join us an the next intro meeting.

Next Step

Email us at: [email protected]



Wellbeing fresh factsReputable Network Marketing Opportunity – MLM

Eye Strain, itchy eyes, tired eyes – our natural blue light filter

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Eye Strain - Blue Light

Eye Strain – Blue Light – Protection

Our Natural ‘Blue light’ Filter

Do you suffer from eye strain, eye pain and headaches from your screen?

Have you ever wondered why the sky is blue? Well, not all light is equal.  Some light – on the red end of the spectrum – omits low energy.  Some light – on the blue end of the spectrum – omits high energy.  This means that the light in the sky is dominated by blue as it travels more powerfully.

We spend a lot of our day staring into blue light.  The light that comes from our mobile devices and laptops is blue light. Add fluorescent lights and LED televisions to the technology and our exposure to this potentially harmful light could be excessive.  The bottom line is that the amount of blue light in our life is putting a massive strain on our eyes.

Blue Light - Laptops, Smartphones

Blue Light – Laptops, Smartphones 

However, the blue light given off from our smart phones and tablets is a fraction of that given from the sun on a clear blue-sky day.  Imagine the impact of sunlight from snow on the eyes – that can cause blindness.  Yet, UV radiation barely makes its way into the eye and only 1% hits the retina.  However, virtually all blue light from screens reaches the retina.  This leads to concern about macular degeneration, which can lead to permanent vision loss.

Eye diseases are likely to be the extreme consequences.  In reality, we are likely to struggle with digital eye strain and computer headache syndrome at worse.  This is caused by the extra effort it takes to focus on blue light – which scatters more easily than other light.

If you are a gamer, blogger, online surfer or writer, then you spend more time than most on your devices – and there is little you would want to do to change this.  So, banning all exposure to blue light is never going to happen.  Our lives are organised around our devices. It is also worth pointing out that blue light is linked to elevation of mood and a reduction in the impact of seasonal depression – so banning it is unhealthy.

There is the option of blue light filter glasses, which have yellow tinted lenses.  These do not look cool but are effective against the itchy eyes, the blurred vision, the bloodshot eyes.

Natural Blue Eye Filter

Natural Blue Eye Filter

Yet, we might have another solution, a natural blue light filter, made completely from plant-based natural products.  It helps not only with blue light but UV radiation and infra-red radiation. We would like to introduce you to CAPS SUN – a marigold extract with some other magical ingredients.

The wonder of marigold

Natural products using marigold have been in existence for almost a thousand years.  It has been made into ointments, teas, tinctures and creams.  Not only does the marigold repel bugs in the garden (and from the skin too, by the way), it is also an anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and antifungal compound.  Add to this one important function for us blue light lovers – it acts like a blue light filter and protects the eyes. The marigold acts like a natural body guard for the delicate tissues of the eyes that can deteriorate because of UV and blue light.  It reduces the impact of oxidative damage, which reduces deterioration in eye health.

Plant-Based Supplements - CAPS Sun

Plant-Based Supplements – CAPS Sun

Natural ingredients fight UV

There are two other ingredients in CAPS SUN that impact of UV damage.  There is Haematococcus pluvials alga. This is a proven anti-inflammatory and antioxidant – as it stimulates the production of the carotenoid astaxanthin.  As well as being great photo-protection – the protection from the energy created by light – it is also used in cosmetics because of its wonderful impact on the skin.

Then, there is golden polypody.  This is a plant that grows in the wilds of South Florida.  This also works by preventing the oxidative damage caused by UV light entering the eye.  It is also pretty good at cleaning the blood apparently.

Blood orange works miracles

Blood Orange extract

Blood Orange extract

We are used to the setting sun being compared to a blood orange and this is the impact of the red-light waves travelling further than there more powerful blue waves that also dissipate quicker as the sun sets.  However, the extract from the red orange is also effective in countering the impacts of UV damage.  It protects against the impact of solar radiation and oxidative stress on the skin.  It also has the wonderful side effect of promoting an even tan – so has some cosmetic use too.

However, its miracle impact is countering the ageing effects of the sun.  It boosts the antioxidants in our bodies that do not work as effectively when exposed to sun.  Blood orange therefore offers some miracle photo-protective effects for sun-lovers, as well as screen-lovers.

Sun, screen and smoke

Blue Light Filter

Blue Light Filter Protection

UV and blue light can impact on the health of the eyes – and of the skin.  Therefore, CAPS – SUN with its mix of marigold, Haematococcus pluvials alga, golden polypody, and blood orange – can help to filter dangerous light and prevent potential damage to the retina and to aid the skin at the same time.  Therefore, we do not have to completely abandon the sun, and nor do we need to leave our devices behind.  We can choose to use them in moderation– at the same time using a plant-based supplement to counteract any potential impact.

There are yet still more benefits worth mentioning by the way – particularly for smokers. Cigarette smoke can also cause oxidative stress – which can be countered by these potent natural ingredients in the CAPS-SUN supplement.  This makes our 100% plant-based product – filled with fresh active ingredients – a smoke screen as well as sun screen…

UV & Blue Light protection

UV & Blue Light protection

A solution for a digital age

In all seriousness, we need a solution to the sore eyes and blurred vision that can occur because of too long staring into a screen.  CAPS-SUN offers great eye nutrition and comes from a company recognised in the European Business Awards in 2017 for winning in the category covering innovation, business ethics and business success.

This new digital vision or digital eyes, as it has become known, may end up being a serious problem as we enter our older age.  We have yet to see the potential increase in vision loss that comes from our increased exposure to blue light.  It makes sense to take advantage of nature to protect our eyes – and skin, and breathing, and cells from cancer – from potential blue light damage.












































































Overview of main Eye related issues and concerns –

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Eye Nutrition

Macular Degeneration



















Wellbeing fresh factsEye Strain, itchy eyes, tired eyes – our natural blue light filter

The Problem with Preservatives in 2018 – in Skin Care and Nutritional Supplements

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The Problem with Preservatives – in Skin Care and Nutritional Supplements


Preservatives & People

What is a preservative?

Let’s get right to it. Preservatives are specific ingredients added to skin care that kill bacteria[1]. They also prevent product contamination from yeast and fungi. Some preservatives can act against all three, whereas other will be more limited and can be combined to achieve broad spectrum protection[2].

Despite mixing ingredients in a sterile environment, contamination will eventually get in and so preservatives are needed in every product that has been formulated with water. A water-based product has a shelf-life of approximately 2-3 weeks, providing it is refrigerated[3]. When it comes to manufacturing skin care products on a larger scale, this isn’t necessarily a realistic way of storing them, and so preservatives are added to enhance the shelf-life of the product and prevent contamination throughout that period. It seems that for decades entrpreneurs placed emphasis on the long term shelf life of products versus delivering the actual benefits of purity and natural vitality that non toxic products may deliver naturally.


So What is the Problem with Preservatives in Skin Care?

Preservatives in Skin Care

Preservatives in Skin Care

Some companies are advertising their skin care products as ‘free from preservatives’[4] yet as the product doesn’t require refrigeration, it’s safe to say this is incorrect branding and many will argue that preservatives are necessary in all skin care products.

Parabens are the most commonly used synthetic preservatives within cosmetic products. The most common of which are methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben. Normally, more than one paraben will be used in a single product, combined with other types or preservatives and this allows a lower amount of each preservative to be used whilst increasing the protection against microorganisms.[5]

A case study, conducted in the UK in 2004, showed small traces of paraben within women with breast tumours but the study didn’t prove that paraben caused the cancer and did not compare the levels of paraben with normal tissue[6]. This has sparked a large amount of consumer alarm and scrutiny which has led to many manufacturers altering how they preserve their products.


Can Your Skin Care Cause Cancer?

Parabens in Perfumes

Parabens in Perfumes

The initial formulation of natural products in the 90’s was dismissed by many as a passing fad. The word ‘organic’ hadn’t yet reached the general world of skin care consumers[7]. Looking at the range of products available today, it’s clear that ‘organic’ products are now much more important to consumers and there could be a very important underlying reason as to why.

Despite dismissing the findings of the 2004 case study, Clean Makeup (from Colby College)[8] reports how parabens can mimic oestrogen and therefore disrupt the body’s hormone system[9]. Cornell University further supports this idea through their assessment of the link between oestrogen and breast cancer risk through exposure[10] by concluding that a high lifelong exposure to oestrogen can play a role in stimulating cancerous breast cells.

The combination of these two pieces of evidence cement the idea that parabens can potentially be linked to the cause of higher breast cancer risk[11]. But parabens aren’t the only dangerous toxin out there, in fact there are a number of different chemicals still used in skin care products that can affect your body[12]:

  • Phthlates

These chemicals are more commonly found in toys, vinyl flooring, detergents, food packaging and other household items due to their characteristics for making plastics more flexible and less brittle. However, there has been a history of their use in cosmetic products such as nail polish and hair spray[13].

  • Petrochemicals

These substances contain petroleum. They are chemical products made from the raw materials of petroleum[14] and although they haven’t been definitively proven to cause cancer, consumers are often shocked to find that they’re used in skin care products.

Petrochemicals in Skin Care

Petrochemicals in Skin Care

Commonly used substances such as paraffin wax and mineral oil contain petrochemicals as ingredients[15]. A number of our skin care products contain these petrochemicals and the alarming amount of research[16] suggesting that they act as carcinogens[17] is starting to become a concern, especially when many large brands still use petrochemicals in their products.

  • Cosmetic Fragrance

Although fragrances may smell nice, they’re actually a combination of some 3,000 chemicals[18] including hazardous coal-tar and petrochemicals[19]. This has introduced an increase in skin care labelled as ‘fragrance free’ in an attempt for brands to show they’re actively reducing the number of chemicals in their products, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that this is being regulated.

The actual term ‘fragrance’ can refer to a mixture of over 100 ingredients that contain a plethora of carcinogens, reproductive toxins, hormone disruptors and allergens[20]. This is applicable to not only the fragrance in skin care products but perfumes too as it’s cheaper for companies to replicate smells with chemicals than to source them naturally.

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

This ingredient is a composition of several non-volatile alcohols and is used as a skin-conditioning agent, emulsifier and solvent yet it’s one of the most irritating cleansing agents used in skin care products[21]. SLS is commonly found in a wide variety of skin and hair cleansers including facial washes, shampoos, shower gels and body scrubs due to its cleaning ability to remove dirt and grime where soap can’t[22].

Generally speaking SLS is tolerated by most consumers but creates irritation in those with sensitive skin[23]. Despite this there are a variety of claims that detail the harm that SLS can do, including long-term permeation of body tissues, producing toxic fumes when heated and possessing corrosive properties[24].

  • Diazolidinyl Urea

Similarly to parabens, this chemical acts against bacteria and also has some antifungal capabilities. It’s safe to use in concentrations of up to 0.5% but has been proven as a formaldehyde-releasing preservative with the potential to cause damage[25].

Due to the release of formaldehyde, this preservative has been known to cause a lot of controversy and can be found in practically all skin care products including moisturisers, anti-ageing products, cleansers, foundations and shampoos[26].

What about nutritional supplements?

Whole Food Supplements

Whole Food Supplements

Compared to skin care, nutritional supplements are potentially a neglected topic when it comes to the preservative debate. There is a lot of discussion on the internet as to whether vitamins are something that we should even consider. If we’re eating healthily then surely we don’t need to take additional supplements in order to keep ourselves healthy[27]?

There is concern that poor quality supplements will in fact have no effect on our bodies and if they’re presented in a form that’s not easily accessible, they’ll simply pass through our systems without providing any sort of nutritional advantage[28]. This alone can cause apprehension as we are simply creating more work for our bodies with no discerning benefit.

It’s generally believed that poor quality nutritional supplements will contain more fillers and preservatives[29] in order to extend shelf-life, just like skin care products. Many vitamins have been known to be labelled as a recommended choice by doctors, yet this in itself is false marketing as doctors are trained in health, not nutrition[30]. Similarly to the previously assessed skin care preservatives, some vitamins not only use artificial flavours and colours but have been known to list ‘lightly polished with vegetable oil’ as an ingredient, something which has later been discovered to be carnauba wax, also used as car wax.

The main issue that stems from this particular preservative debate is the fact that nutritional supplement preservatives abide by the same laws as synthetic food preservatives[31] yet the proposed changes by the FDA (in America) brings to light the possible cancer-causing substances that are being used within supplements.

You Don’t Want Chemicals in Your Food, Right?

It’s a long-standing debate that highly processed food contains unwanted chemicals that are bad for the body. And a diet high in these processed chemicals can lead to a number of health issues. So if we’re making a concerted effort to eliminate chemicals from our diet, why are we still applying them to our bodies?

Skin Care & Breast Milk

Skin Care & Breast Milk

When using skin care products that are high in toxic preservatives, a large percentage of those toxins are being absorbed directly into the blood stream through our skin. Some of these toxins will have an immediate reaction, like the irritation caused by SLS, but some of them have longer-lasting and more deadly impacts like the cacogenic characteristics of petrochemicals and parabens. Studies have shown that hormone like chemicals in skin care can, once absorbed through the skin, be present in breast milk, a few hours after application.

Nutritional supplements are viewed as having a positive influence on the body. The sole purpose for ingesting them is to help boost the vitamins and minerals within the body, yet when pairing this with the same synthetic preservatives found in your food, it can seem to counterbalance the act of taking the vitamin in the first place. There are a number of reasons why manufacturers may choose to add these ingredients to nutritional supplements such as: helping processing, extending storage shelp-life and in turn profits, keeping costs down, adding bulk and working as binders but it’s hard to believe that these toxic, non-beneficial substances will actually help[32].

Is there a natural preservative?

Of course there are natural preservatives that could solve the issue of synthetic ingredients within skin care and nutritional supplements; however these are generally more expensive in attaining. It does also reduce the shelf-life of a product from a few years to a maximum of six months[33] and once the product has been opened, it often needs to be used within 30-75 days, as that which is natural will tend to oxidate once opened and in use. This in itself can prevent many such pure, natural products making it into High Street shops, as National Chains prefer products that can survive in the supply chain for up to 36 months, before we eventually walk into a shop and make our purchase.

The benefit of choosing a natural preservative over a synthetic one can show in a number of ways, including the application to sensitive skin without irritation. Many natural ingredients such as neem oil and grapefruit seed extract not only act as antibacterial agents, but also have healing properties too[34]. Of course, it is essential they are tested for purity and toxicity prior to being included in a product, but if natural ingredients are well sourced, senstively combined and the correct measure, they can have a transformational effect on the actual product and its effectiveness.

As you can imagine, the use of natural preservatives also create a number of issues for manufacturers both big and small. The ability to combine the right ingredients to make a single product that can be safely applied to the skin whilst using natural preservatives is perhaps the biggest challenge out there. Yet it’s not something that can’t be overcome and there are in fact a number of companies that have taken this task on and conquered this problem already, trailblazing a new way forward with exciting products. It seems that over time more manufacturers will have to fall into line with this approach as it is a trend that customers are demanding in ever increasing numbers, once they become aware and conscious as to what the choices, options and health consequences might be for any given decision. In short, today people are becoming less tolerant of everyday toxins in all aspects of daily life.

Skin Care Education

Skin Care Education

Why educating yourself is important

With skin care chemical regulations being too relaxed, many toxins are still being used in our everyday products and despite evidence showing how dangerous they are, the European Cosmetics Regulation Act from 2013[35] is still not picking up some of the most harmful ingredients in skin care products. Over time, the realisation and evidence of the harm caused by these ingredients has left cosmetics companies such as L’Oreal changing how they operate and a burst of ‘fragrance free’ and ‘natural’ products have made their way onto the high street. This might seem like a step in the right direction, but ultimately it leaves a lot of room for toxins to still appear.

Johnson's Baby Powder

Johnson’s Baby Powder – Ovarian Cancer?

In early 2016 a Missouri jury awarded $72m to the family of a woman who died from ovarian cancer, which she said was caused by using Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder and other products containing talcum. In the trial, Fox’s attorneys introduced into evidence a September 1997 internal memo from a Johnson & Johnson medical consultant suggesting that “anybody who denies [the] risks” between “hygenic” talc use and ovarian cancer would be publicly perceived in the same light as those who denied a link between smoking cigarettes and cancer: “Denying the obvious in the face of all evidence to the contrary.”

In fact the recent 2016 report from Global 2000 [36]., an environmental research organisation re-tested several thousand products within Europe to see if progress had been made over the last few years since it last conducted a study – identifying problem products and manufacturers. The result, whilst some manufacturers have changed their formulations to remove some of the “bad boys” from their products,  a lot of toxins are still being incorportated into products bought and used daily in bathrooms across Europe. What is also shocking, is that even if manufacturers accept that they should discontinue a product and go with a less toxic option, they will still keep the “obsolete” toxic products on the shelves until thay are all sold and the supply chain is cleared.

Toxic Skin Care

Toxic Skin Care

So returning to the upsurge in “natural” labelled products, what can we say about these ‘natural products? Is natural really natural? Turns out, for a product to be labelled ‘natural’ only 70% of ingredients need to be naturally sourced which leaves upto 30% of the product potentially made from synthetics[37]. Although products like these contain some natural ingredients, it doesn’t mean that they’re danger free. In fact this is entirely a marketing-ploy in order to create a better outward appearance for them to compete with brands that are using terms such as ‘organic’ – a term that is more highly regulated[38].

Hence, the ingredients found in many cosmetics would shock a number of consumers and you wouldn’t ever consider eating a food product that contained any of these preservatives, yet we are still seeing a vast majority of consumers purchasing these products, applying them to the skin, potentially because it’s the easier option.

Certification, Testing & Truth

Truth about Skin Care

Truth about Skin Care

Can we ever get to the truth? First place to start is with a Full 100% Declaration (INCI) of ingredients – as many products may only display a partial list. Often companies with nothing to hide display 100% of ingredients as ultimately this is the only way to fully know – what’s what.

Beyond this, within Europe there are a number of institutes and organisations which certify and confirm the credentials of skin care cosmetic products and nutritional supplements – such as the LACON institute, the LEFO Institute, the Dartsch Institute, the ECO CERT organisation and the comparison portal Cosmetic Analysis. Respectively they certify raw material ingredients independantly from the manufacturer,  quality assure products for potency, dosage and toxicity and inspect and certify so consumers can better understand what is in the marketplace seperate to the marketing and branding messages being promoted by the entrepreneurs and PR specialists.

What about us?

Natural Active Ingredients

Natural Active Ingredients

Here at Pure Natural Fresh, we are dedicated to recommending to customers the best products made entirely from natural ingredients and which are totally toxin free. For us, it is a concern and revelation that many don’t understand the preservatives found in their everyday skin care products and nutritional supplements. Mass production techniques, long supply chains, mega warehouses and storage facilities, container ships full of product have moved us a long way away from products with natural active ingredients being freshly delivered and administered. As with so many aspects in life, what we tend to know, is alot less then could be known. We are hoping, over time, to raise an interest and awareness in a better way of life through natural, fresh, vegan products made entirely with natural ingredients with not a toxin in sight.

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Johnson's & Johnson's Baby Powder - Ovarian Cancer?

Johnson’s & Johnson’s Baby Powder – Ovarian Cancer?

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Wellbeing fresh factsThe Problem with Preservatives in 2018 – in Skin Care and Nutritional Supplements

Why I’ve been Oil Pulling for several years now

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Why I’ve been Oil Pulling now for several years –

Oil Pulling versus Toxins

Oil Pulling versus Toxins


You could lay out a big breakfast for me in the morning – But  I wouldn’t be able to touch it – till I’d done my proverbial Oil Pulling –


Different to using a Tooth Brush to ‘scratch” the teeth in the morning – I came to understand why Oil pulling removes all the toxins thrown into the oral cavity overnight – and cleanses teeth, mouth & gums  – not just teeth.

 Morning Ablutions

Basically when we sleep all the bodies organs, rebalance, recalibrate & throw off toxins – when we awake in the morning – we all rush to the bathroom to ‘get rid’ of those toxins during our morning ablutions.


Also we might blow our nose, remove sleep from our eyes, cotton-bud our ears etc – but when it comes to the mouth – we often just – ‘give the teeth a good scratch’ with a tooth brush & then head ‘downstairs’ to breakfast.


In so doing we may end up ingesting & swallowing down all the toxins, microbes, bacteria the body has thrown into the oral cavity overnight (for removal) and then our liver & metabolism has to once again de-tox these toxins.

Help Your Liver

Oil pulling: https://www.purenaturalfresh.com/oil-pulling/tooth-oil – can overcome this problem & help lighten the load the liver faces each day –


Vegan Tooth Oil 2018

Vegan Tooth Oil 2018

One particular oil: www.purenaturalfresh.online is the one I use – it has Sesame as the base oil – as it is the most absorbent oil and a great ‘carrier” or the Vitamin “E” and anti-oxidants into the connective tissue around the mouth.

 Mother Nature’s Pharmacy

Taste great to with Japanese Mint, Peppermint & Menthol  + lots of other ingredients from Mother Nature’s Pharmacy – all known to be good for teeth, mouth & gums over 1,000’s of years.


Keep smiling

Oil Pulling Oil - 2018

Oil Pulling Oil – 2018

Wellbeing fresh factsWhy I’ve been Oil Pulling for several years now

100% Ingredients Listed – as standard

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Plant Based Ingredients

100% Ingredients Listed

Delving Deep into the Details: – here is a company that has listed 100% ingredients for over 10 years on all it’s products and all ingredients are checked at the cellular level by an independent external institute for three things:
What this means is that if you hand an organic ingredient you would like to use…to say a chemist – they might say:
“Organic? – was it grown by the side of a road – as it is full of petro chemicals”
Ultimately, even “Organic” ingredients might contain, impurities, toxins etc – and the only way you will know for certain is if the ingredients are checked and then the final product created is checked also – and of course this has to be external independent testing at the cellular level.
Winner of European Business awards 2017 – for Ethics, Innovation & Business Success
100% Active Ingredients

100% Active Ingredients

Wellbeing fresh facts100% Ingredients Listed – as standard


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