The Symptoms Of Menopause

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Symptoms of Menopause

Women approaching a certain age should familiarise themselves with the symptoms of menopause. Perhaps stocking up on supplements for menopause might be a good preparation.

The first symptom is typically a change in the pattern of your periods. Then there are hot flushes, night sweats, loss of libido.  Headaches, palpitations, changes in mood such as tiredness, anxiety and depression may also play a part. Urinary tract infections and insomnia too.

Every woman will be affected differently so it’s hard to predict how long the menopause will last.  Also the severity of the symptoms can vary, depending on lifestyle, overall health and genetics.

There are ways in which you can manage the menopause and while many don’t need treatment, you may find it becomes necessary later on. You can use nutritional supplements or hormone replacement therapy (HRT), as well as antidepressants if necessary.

If you’re on HRT, make sure you visit your GP regularly after you begin treatment to help make sure that your symptoms are being kept under control.

Early menopause can also affect some women under the age of 40 so book an appointment with your doctor if you’re concerned. You will likely be referred to a gynaecologist for further advice and possible treatment.

Supplements such as soy, Mexican yam, Resveratrol, and the ayurvedic herb shatavari can also prove to be useful for those going through the menopause. Its worth considering these as forms of treatment if you feel as though other avenues are not proving particularly fruitful.

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Wellbeing fresh factsThe Symptoms Of Menopause

17 Comments on “The Symptoms Of Menopause”

  1. Red

    Flaxseed and flaxseed oil may help some women with mild menopause symptoms. It’s a good source of lignans, which tend to balance female hormones. Not all studies have shown these benefits in relieving hot flashes, though.

  2. Gillian

    I read – The extract of the root of the black cohosh plant is also quite effective, Despite the plant’s widespread use, in 2010 it is found that unspecified black cohosh “preparations” decreased hot flash symptoms by 26%. Like the sound of these Fem Capsules – will check them out.

  3. Sue63

    I am almost 52 and have all the symptoms of menopause except my periods come every month like clockwork. They have been like that since I was 13, except for pregnancies. I am beginning to think I will never stop. My mom is 72 and takes low-dose hormones and still has a light period. I’m not sure what to make of that. She has no other symptoms and is the healthiest person I know. I am ready for all this to end.

  4. Andrea

    I’m getting older now and am having weird symptoms that I believe to be menopause. I am frustrated at the lack of straight-forward information. For instance, why are they not doing more in-depth studies of progesterone cream, or bioidentical hormones? If men went through menopause, I’d bet they’d have all this figured out by now….I like the idea of using Mother Nature’s Pharmacy to get relief and not use chemicals etc – just hope it does the trick

  5. Gill

    There is some good information in here about menopause and what the best natural remedy for menopause can be. I know many ladies who would love to have this information and who wish they had known this sooner! Thank you for sharing it and for giving people a way to get back some of the enjoyment out of life – despite the symptoms of menopause.

  6. WordWise

    I have been looking for a good Natural remedy for Menopause so I was glad to find this! Hormone Replacement Therapy has always been a bit if a mystery to me, so it is good to have it finally explained to me in a way that is easy to understand. I have not hit this stage in life personally but my mother and my mother in law both have so I know how it can be. I will have to share this information with them and see if it can help them with their menopause symptoms!

  7. Carol

    All sorts of changes can occur in menopause – like tissue changes, affecting skin and hair, loss of fatty tissue and collagen which can make your skin drier and thinner and can affect the elasticity and lubrication of the skin near private parts – everyone is different, getting help from natural remedies, ingredients from mother nature is always good. Like the ‘Fem” supplements as they are full of natural potency to support and balance the hormones.

  8. Danielle

    Informative Article, actually menopause is a natural change in life – which may best be eased by employing the help of natural ingredients readily available from mother nature. One always wonders whether reaching for modern chemical solutions is good for you in the long run – my gut feeling is, if we can give Mother nature a chance to support us – she will – hence love these supplements for menopause – called Fem 🙂 Good Read!

  9. Ashlee

    My mother suffers terribly from hot flushes and anxiety due to menopause, and it is hard to see her having such a hard time. She isn’t on any supplements yet, but I will definitely be recommending them to her.These sound so good.

  10. robinmckeen5

    Nice post, very helpful. One of my friends has been coping with hot flushes, sweating and mood swings/tiredness for over a decade now. She has tried all sorts of approaches – I see lots of ‘synthetic looking’ tablets in her kitchen cupboard. Will definately share this with her as the natural ingredients in the menopause supplements sound well researched – taking wisdom and ingredients from different world traditions – stuff known to be helpful long before modern doctoring and the NHS got going. Thanks

  11. Karen Spa

    Some reliable pointers that menopause is swiftly coming include constant irritability and restlessness. Constant vaginal dryness is another common indicator. It is good that the supplements can help you deal with those symptoms even if you are not ready to start HRT.

  12. HeidiAnderson

    There may be a greater increase in hot flashes as menopause draws closer. This can also work as a menopause relief for hot flashes. It can efficiently deal with those worrying joint pains and sleeplessness.

  13. Asa_Eden

    Since discovering organic supplements for menopause, I no longer have to continue searching for many other solutions as this is the best one we have picked (we have used many). These provides me with exceptional confidence as the clock ticks.

  14. TandyEliotts

    Helpful. I am not yet anything close to menopause but taking foods that are rich in soy can still delay the menopause. It can also put away peri-menopause if you couple that with dropping other habits like chain-smoking. Great information friends.

  15. Valerie B.

    I did suffer quite badly with the symptoms until I found a series of things to help. I was getting extreme hot flashes & mood swings, to the point where I felt like I couldn’t leave the hose. I found a change in diet, yoga and supplements helped ALOT. My mother-in-law always said, ‘nothing can prepare you for it, but it’s best to know what to look out for so it doesn’t catch you off guard!’.

  16. Sarah

    Very helpful article, I’ve also heard that acupuncture in conjunction with other natural treatments can also help to ease the symptoms. It’s great to know what to look out for since I’m approaching that age!

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