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Vegan Tooth Oil – for Oil Pulling – Why Oil Pull?

When we sleep at night –all our organs rebalance, recalibrate and throw off toxin’s. When we awaken in the morning we all visit the bathroom to get rid of those toxin’s. We may even scratch our teeth with a tooth brush for a few moments – then we “go downstairs” have a gallon of coffee, 5 weetabix & a loaf of toast, feasting on breakfast – and in so doing we inadvertently swallow & re-ingest all the toxin’s the body has thrown into the oral cavity overnight. Then the body has to de-tox all over again.

So by Oil pulling for 3-4 minutes we literally “Pull-Out” all those toxins hidden away in the mouth & gums and remove them from our system – thereby helping overall body function. What’s more, once the body recognises this ‘route’ is open for business she will send more toxins on a daily basis. So beyond cleansing teeth, mouth & gums, oil pulling helps lift overall body wellness by helping remove toxins on a daily basis.

Oil Pulling = Ancient Technique

The phrase “oil pulling” comes from the process of the tooth oil being “moved and worked” around the mouth by sucking, pulling and pushing it through the teeth and around the gums. This type of oral therapy is ancient; it has its origins in ancient Indian and Tibetan Ayurvedic medicine dating back over 3,000 years.

Removing Bacteria

All that is required is a small quantity – say a half a teaspoon of tooth oil – to be swished around the oral cavity – as the oil hits your tongue, gums and teeth, microbes are picked up (collected) as if being drawn by a powerful magnet. Bacteria, which by its very nature, likes to hide in crevices and cavities in the gums and teeth are sucked out of their hiding places and held firmly, absorbed by the tooth oil solution. As you swish it around the tooth oil mixes with saliva and forms a solution

Use whilst Showering

Whether just having time for a quick swish – or ideally for a longer period, say maybe whilst showering (or surfing on Google) – the longer you pull and push the oil around your mouth, the more bacteria and microbes are “pulled” free. You will see that after 2-5 minutes the tooth oil will typically turn into a milky coloured emulsion, indicating that the saliva and oil have mixed and that the oral bacteria has been dislodged and “pulled” free.

Often with our busy lives, we might not be able to spend long periods swishing tooth oil – that’s why doing it during showering might be helpful. Once you feel ready, the  solution, now filled with viruses, microbes, bacteria and other organisms can be simply spat out – down the plug hole – and then you can rinse with clean water, and/or wet your toothbrush and just cleanse with water.

Positive Claims

Those that oil pull state that it has helped them with teeth whitening, tooth sensitivity, gum problems, reduction in gingivitis and halitosis (bad breath) as the oral cavity is freshened.

The main problem

As bacteria is known to be the primary cause of tooth decay, then obviously anything that reduces, lessens or removes bacteria from the oral cavity, teeth & gums is going to help. Agreed? Additionally as the mouth is one of the ‘first lines of defence’ against toxins (bacteria, viruses, micro bacteria, fungal infections, microbes etc) then it stands to reason that anything which supports the oral cavity in isolating, neutralising and expelling such toxins will not only aid oral health but may contribute to overall wellness as fewer ‘bad boys’ gain traction and enter the bodies inner system. For example a clean mouth may contain between 5,000 and 108,000 bacteria – on each tooth! – and for those who don’t remember good oral hygiene then the figures can skyrocket from anywhere between 100 million and a billion bacteria on each tooth.

Going on a  ‘date’ 

So when two lovers meet and have there first kiss and they think they are alone – we’ve got news – it’s not just the two of you there.  Maybe a little natural tooth oil before that date would be beneficial.

Solutions – A Special Tooth Oil & Microfine Cleaning Particles

This specially optimised natural tooth oil uniquely contains microfine cleaning particles made from silicic acid, which gently abrade and cleanse the teeth whilst swishing the oil around, providing a deep cleanse of the entire oral cavity. After oil pulling –  people enjoy applying a wet toothbrush to mechanically brush the teeth – and rinse the mouth. Afterwards your mouth will feel lastingly refreshed thanks to the peppermint oil it contains.

Tooth Whitening?

This unique brand of natural Tooth oil can have both vitalising and beneficial effects, thanks to the Chinese medicinal plant babchi, to which tooth-whitening properties are ascribed. Birch sugar from birch bark can also provide enamel-strengthening support.

Immune – Strengthening

This exquisite oil composition with immune-stregthening properties has increased effectiveness thanks to turmeric extract, lemon oil and cinnamon leaf oil.

Anti Bacterial

It has a beneficial effect upon oral flora thanks to myrrh, plus the antibacterial anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties of sage, eucalyptus and cloves.

Gum Strengthening

Additionally, this specially blended natural tooth oil containing selected organic sesame oil has an astringent and gum-stregthening effect thanks to green tea and an antioxidant effect thanks to tocotrienols and tocopherols (super vitamin E)



Free from

Vegan, cruelty free, pregnancy, and diabetic safe. Free from chemical preservatives, GM raw materials, allergens, wheat, diary, gelatine, gluten, yeast, synthetic chemicals, fragrances, additives, fillers, colorants, soy, flavour enhancers



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  2. Terry345

    I have been very pleased with this. It has sorted my bad breath problems – so over the moon really. Great Oil Pulling Technology in a bottle ready to use. Recommended!

  3. BusyMom

    There are so many benefits to be gained from oil pulling, I am surprised that more people do not know about this technique! This oil pulling video is a great resource in that it shows how easy it can be – rather then having to set up a pharmacy on your kitchen table, here it is ready to go, in a bottle. Glad you have shared it with us. Will be sharing this with my friends for sure so they can learn the benefits outlined in this tooth oil video!

  4. Keshav

    This product quite literally saved my teeth. I had quite serious gum disease, receding gums etc. A little research helped me to discover stuff like tooth oil, and this product really appealed to me as it was optimised with lots of active ingredients and totally natural. it just works out of t the bottle. It really works well in cleaning your mouth.

  5. Danny

    It works better than any toothpaste I have tried. It tames my breath and eases my tooth pain. It is much less expensive and much less painful than going to the dentist.

  6. JD

    This is such an easy product to use, and the benefits really speak for themselves. I use it while I’m in the shower. It only takes a few minutes and makes the world of difference!

  7. Alen

    Funky Video. Natural mouth wash cum tooth oil – love it 🙂 I sometimes just use a bit to freshen the mouth when out and about – I sometimes take it in the car and use it before appointments – without doing the oil pulling bit, just a quick swish around the mouth and then swallow. It’s edible beacuse it is all natural, vegan etc. When doing the Oil Pulling cleanse I tend to do it for about 2-4 minutes and spit it out and that seems to work well. Nice product!

  8. Tun

    This seems to be a bit pricey at first, but it lasts a very long time! My mouth feels SO clean after using it!

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