The Yoga of Oil Pulling

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The Yoga of Oil Pulling We attended a conference in Oxfordshire recently and one of the guest speakers delivered a snappily titled – 10 steps to Wellness presentation. We could see on the work bench at the front, an enchanting array of raw foods, plant based ingredients, herbs, spices, superfoods, mixers, blenders, utensils, spring water and other nutritional delights. What’s the thing? Soon … Read More

Wellbeing fresh factsThe Yoga of Oil Pulling

Vegan Oil Pulling Day – Tooth Oil

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Vegan Tooth Oil 2021

VEGAN OIL PULLING DAY – Order yours today – We’ve been attending Vegan shows now for 3-4 years and there has been great interest in Oil Pulling & Tooth Oil. In fact everyday is Vegan Oil Pulling Day! Of course Ayurveda has this knowledge since 1000s of years – but with this 21stcentury update –  Oil pulling has become convenient … Read More

Wellbeing fresh factsVegan Oil Pulling Day – Tooth Oil

Sheffield Schools Launch Tooth-Brushing Clubs

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Tooth Brushing Technology In a bid to help prevent the onset of tooth decay in children, ten special support schools in Sheffield have just launched tooth-brushing clubs, with Sheffield City Council, Public Health England and the NHS taking steps to improve oral hygiene and health. According to the Yorkshire Post, studies have been done that show youngsters in schools of … Read More

Wellbeing fresh factsSheffield Schools Launch Tooth-Brushing Clubs

Harley Street Dentist Using Natural Tooth Oil

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Harley Street Dentist & Natural Tooth Oil It’s not only regular punters that attend, even a high earning Harley Street Dentist paid us a visit. Why you may ask? He was looking for that extra something to offer to dental clients. At one of the last Cam Expo’s we joined exhibitors in the Innovation Zone and over the two days we met … Read More

Wellbeing fresh factsHarley Street Dentist Using Natural Tooth Oil

3 Foods Bad For Dental Health

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Dental Health It’s important to maintain a healthy and varied diet, but you should be aware that there are certain foods out there that could cause you serious dental problems in the future unless you’re careful. Here are three you may want to consider avoiding. Citrus fruit Yes, these are great sources of vitamin C and lots of other nutrients … Read More

Wellbeing fresh facts3 Foods Bad For Dental Health

What Exactly Is Tooth Oil?

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What Exactly Is Tooth Oil? Dentists will always recommend that you invest in a fluoride toothpaste to help prevent decay and keep your smile whiter than white, but did you know that there’s another product on the market that could be just as good for your teeth? We’re talking about tooth oil and if you’ve never heard of it you … Read More

Wellbeing fresh factsWhat Exactly Is Tooth Oil?