De Tox your Skin & hair in 2020

De Tox your Skin & hair in 2019

Natural Skin Care and ‘Active Ingredients – what’s the Big deal?

How do you want your skin to feel?

Silky smooth, soft, supple, clean and glowing most probably. As the body’s largest organ how we treat our skin and what we choose to put on it really matters and does make a difference. A recent study found that some Popular Moisturizers Applied to Mice for 17 Weeks Got 69% More Tumors.  So just buying any popular brand on the high street might not be the most sensible thing to do. Even worst, using old lotions, moisturisers, hand creams and serums that sit on bathroom shelves may not be wise as these products may have little or no effectiveness or vitality in them.

Golden Rule

Skin Care Secret

Skin Care Secret

Of course whilst the skin care cosmetic industry is massive, bombarding us with all manner of messages – there is one secret Golden Rule to be remembered at all times:

Active substances in skin care have a slightly inconvenient side effect: They are only active when they are administered fresh.

This reality makes all the difference. So watch out for products with long sell-by or use-by dates – they are more likely stuffed with synthetic preservatives then active ingredients.

More on Preservatives

For example a pot of a well known hand cream dated 1994 – sits on my desk, when you open it – it is still good to go, no black spots, green algae or nasty monsters – in fact it looks as good as the day it was manufacturered, yet it is over 20 years old. What’s going on you might say?

If you walk down any residential street you don’t hear ladies screaming from their bathroom windows as they open up some old pot of hand cream or moisturiser. It’s not going to happen. Big brands could not handle the uproar and so to make sure,  they no doubt, place plenty of preservatives in products – and it is those preservatives that are then applied to the largest human organ, our skin.

Natural Fresh Active Ingredients

Natural Fresh Active Ingredients

Now we wouldn’t buy some strawberries, pop them in the fridge and then 12  months later go back and say yum-yum, let’s have those strawberries now. Yet with bathroom shelves full of potions we might be doing that all the time.  More so,  we might be doing that with products that have already sat on wooden pallets in warehouses and on shop shelves for up to 12-36 months even before we got hold of them, purchased them and brought them home and popped them on our own bathroom shelf. Often such containers might have an icon on the package indicating good for 12M or 24M from opening.  So now the product might be 3-4-5 years from the day it was potted into it’s fancy container in a factory somewhere.

What about the Raw Materials

Then taking it one step further – back up the supply chain – what do we know?

What about the raw materials that were gathered together in the first place to create your ‘skin care’ cosmetic product.

How old are they?

Did anyone test them for purity or toxicity once received often via a re-seller?

Are they potent. Are the ingredients active?

Will they have a beneficial effect when applied?

Thinking about all this might start to produce a  bit of a headache.

Tested by Independent external institutes.

That’s why we recommend products which have been externally tested by independent test institutes, not certified by a guy in a white lab jacket that works for a company and is paid to say: All is well, wink wink.

Products whereby the actual raw materials are externally tested and verified for purity, toxicity and potency and are rejected if contaminated or not potent or fresh.

This approach underpins the ability to produce and deliver products which brim with active ingredients, potency and freshness. The use by guidance on using the products is more in the region of 10-14 weeks once the packaging is open, which again indicates the awareness that once created and opened natural ingredients – naturally – begin to oxidate.

So are Active Ingredients a Big Deal – is freshness important?

Nature provides all the ingredients for fresh cosmetics. By means of immediate processing of fresh raw materials, the valuable ingredients are kept at their optimal efficacy. Combining active ingredients in the right way gains us the best advantage You will feel the effect immediately. Your skin can finally quench its thirst, breathe a sigh of relief, without absorbing harmful substances. It will thank you with a lovely, soft, fresh feeling. Velvet soft and caressingly gently and supple.

These fresh cosmetics join together the knowledge of ancient Indian Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine together with the most modern Western sciences. The latest example of this is the active cell emulsion technology. Tiniest particles that penetrate the skin like mirco-robots bear the valuable active ingredients and carry them deep within, where they release their full effect. With the help of microcell emulsion technology, protection and care combine with each other in turn.

The advantages of oil-in-water emulsions that can easily be applied and water-in-oil emulsions that seal the moisture in the skin like a vault are combined into the perfect care product. This opens up a completely new dimension in high-tech fresh cosmetics – science packaged in freshness and naturalness.

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7 Comments on “Fresh Skin Care”

  1. Monica72

    Thank you for this wonderful article! This is the most to the point article I have read on natural skin health care ever. Really like the freshness idea as being crucual to delivering the effects of the active ingredients – makes so much sense once you get it 🙂

  2. Jenny102

    Interesting Video, using Vegan Skin Care Material is definitely a better option than wasting cash on chemical product’s. The whole freshness philosophy approach sounds common sense.

  3. Sarah88Again

    I’m retired from the beauty biz and I’ve tried a zillion products. I’m a mom and I still take good care of my skin. In the past I’ve used (and sold) most of the big name products. I was on the hunt for a really good moisturizer that was also a good buy and natural. Knowing what goes into products I really only use natural moisturisers nowadays. This fresh skin care philosophy is a real winner – like it lots …

  4. Monica76

    Products that promote natural improvement to skin are a no brainer. Great video, makes sense when you think about it – why do we use so many synthetics and chemicals on ourselves – like the idea of freshness delivering active ingredients – it’s so simple really – skin feels happier too

  5. Lynn99

    Skin care is a big deal and there are many things that we need to remember about taking care of the skin we have been given. It does so much for us and we need to make sure we take care of it. Liked the skin care video, looks really good. Natural skin care can be a great way to address a range of skin issues, like eczema, psoriasis and general itchiness and it’s great to do it without harmful chemicals! 🙂

  6. BusyMom

    Our skin is so important and people do not give it the attention it deserves. I make my own all natural soaps because I care about what I use on my skin. Whilst it’s satisfying to do, it does take effort and time. Natural Skin Care can come in many forms and it is so very important. The idea of active ingredients only working whilst fresh makes sense. Thank you for sharing this skin care information – hopefully more people will start taking notice of what their own skin is trying to tell them!

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