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Looking for real effects without doing any harm. Looking for 100% active ingredients, freshness, plant-based vitality, to support 100% wellness.

Discover the benefits of fresh plant-based skin care –
Is Oil Pulling worthwhile? –
Are whole-food supplements helpful?


What about Eco Plastic bottles – Bottles derived from Sugarcane?

 Prefer Fresh products or products with ‘preservatives’? –





– FOR 100% FRESHNESS  in 2020 –

Fresh, Natural, Plant-Based Nutritional Supplements. Vegan Skin Care. Vegan Tooth Oil. All from extremely potent, secondary plant substances. Truth is, antioxidants are only truly effective when fresh. Hence we achieve the best possible effect through absolute freshness. How? With products blended, bottled and delivered, no older than 3 to 14 days from creation. The difference can be felt on the skin immediately.


In January 2018 Eco Plastic bottling was introduced for the Vegan Skin Care products apart from those already bottled in recyclable glass. This meant plastics derived from sugarcane. Not oil based petro-chemicals. Another 100% sustainability innovation.

All the fresh skin care cosmetic products are plant based, vegan and the dietary supplements too. 

No use of any artificial additives or harmful chemicals at all. Nor preservatives, colourants, mineral oils and none of the usual allergy offending ingredients. 

Nor any animal testing within the company or via any of their supply chain.

– FOR US ALL in 2020 –

Here we talk about plant-based dietary supplements which are 100% fresh. 100% whole food. All derived from secondary plant substances and therefore readily recognised by the body & highly bio-available. Pure, vegan, natural, these supplements can be easily recommended without any hesitation or compromise.  

Products which exhibit the highest standards of quality.  Produced by a company displaying integrity towards the customer and the environment. 

You can strengthen your body with precious, natural vital substances.

Harnessing the best from mother natures pharmacy.

Get the most vital ingredients delivered directly to your door.

Benefits of Oil Pulling

A modern alternative to harmful toothpastes

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Tooth Oil

Tooth Oil

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Learn about the benefits of fresh plant-based Skin Care Cosmetics –
Is Oil Pulling worthwhile?-

Are Fresh plant-based Dietary Whole-Food Supplements important?

What about Eco Plastic bottles – Bottles derived from Sugarcane?

 Prefer Fresh products or products with ‘preservatives’? –

Wellbeing fresh factsPlant Based Skin Care

14 Comments on “Plant Based Skin Care”

  1. hk2000

    Notice fewer cavities, fresh breath, truly clean teeth and your gums getting healthier by the day!

  2. adam

    I loved it! It made my teeth feel really clean and i swear i think they are a little whiter. Would i buy it again i think i will because i dont use commercial toothpaste because of the garbage in it.

  3. victor

    Amazing. Its is antibacterial. Its Non-Abrasive and is all natural (no fluoride). Dentists will not tell you this, but average toothpaste is abrasive, destroying tooth enamel, creating the perfect surface for bacteria cultivation (use soft bristles). Fluoride causes brittle tooth structure, which like buildings around fault lines, causes teeth to break.

  4. Kim

    Found out about Tooth Oil via Facebook & linked through to this page – interested in the Tooth Oil, not sure how much it is – interested in trying it

  5. Ashlee

    I’m really impressed with the great range of natural health and skin care products on this website. With so many unavoidable free radicals in our day to day lives, it’s good to know there is something that we CAN control. I like the ABCs of Wellness Supplements – especially the antiox and balancing supplements.

  6. Tiffany

    This is amazing stuff. Vegan Tooth Oil that tastes & feels good and does the job. What else can I say other than just what has happened for me, but if it helps someone, I will be happy for it. They even gave me some free samples of other products when it arrived.

  7. niece64

    I have not yet tried any of these products but would love to try them as they seem remarkable in the aspect of purity and the freshness principle.

  8. Karen Spa

    Starting a company with very little or no capital may sound super-grim. With this approach, you can still start your own business without breaking the bank (no upfront payments needed) and sell skin-care and dietary supplements, and have all the shipping, administration and payments handled by the company.

  9. Karen Spa

    By eliminating certain food groups, Vegans can often miss out on some key nutrients that are essential for good oral health but are more abundant in non-vegan diets. Using tooth-oil and flossing will ensure that they have the best oral care.

  10. Jonathan

    Like the idea of the Freshness concept, the Tooth Oil I tried at the Vegan Show in the Midlands was very tasty & refreshing – the whole concept of the Natural, Vegan approach to Oral cleanliness is great – I have tried using Coconut Oil Pulling but gave up as I found it a bit messy & greasy – but this Tooth Oil is something different and tastes great – Good innovation – worth a try

  11. HeidiAnderson

    Now that it has been mentioned I am now realizing just how much harmful content is included in conventional toothpaste. I’m more concerned about my kids (11yrs and 6yrs). I guess getting them to understand that tooth oil is healthier will set us all on the right path. Made my order recently.

  12. Wellbeing fresh facts

    Hi Bob, You can click through to order Tooth Oil directly – it takes about 4-5 days to arrive from Austria
    The use-by advice/ dates are about 12-14 weeks from receiving – which is in tune with using fresh and benefiting from the active ingredients – the Tooth Oil is easy to use, and comes ready to use from the bottle, enjoy

  13. Organic Bob

    Like the sound of the Tooth Oil – how long does it take to arrive and how long does it last for?

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