3 Foods Bad For Dental Health

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Dental Health

It’s important to maintain a healthy and varied diet, but you should be aware that there are certain foods out there that could cause you serious dental problems in the future unless you’re careful. Here are three you may want to consider avoiding.

Dental Health

Dental Health

Citrus fruit
Yes, these are great sources of vitamin C and lots of other nutrients as well, but when they come into contact with your teeth they can do real damage. The worst culprits are lemon and grapefruit juice so try to limit your intake of these.

The vinegar used to make pickles can be really bad for your teeth, eroding the tooth enamel. Avoid eating them more than once a day if you can, although remember that having them as an occasional snack won’t do much harm to your teeth – so you can still have them on your gourmet burgers from time to time!

Red wine gets into trouble a lot for causing discolouration but white wine can also have this effect as well. Both of these drinks also have acid in them so they can do lasting damage if you’re not careful.

If you want to look after your teeth properly, make sure you brush twice a day and floss regularly as well. You could also consider using tooth oil to improve your dental hygiene by swilling it around your mouth for a minute before brushing. It has all sorts of vitamins in it, including green tea extract, xylitol and sesame oil. Read our blog post about it here.


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Wellbeing fresh facts3 Foods Bad For Dental Health

12 Comments on “3 Foods Bad For Dental Health”

  1. Rob

    I love the way this makes tooth oil my teeth and gums feel. They feel so clean and fresh. Nolonger fear that food/juice might erode the freshness of my mouth, Recommended!

  2. Lucas

    Our teeth are constantly in the firing line – chomping there way through all the nonsense we launch into the mouth. Sugars, teas, coffees, – stuff that stains tooth enamel, supports bacteria and generally creates unhealthy havoc orally. Like the idea of the all in one natural tooth oil featured on this web site – have heard a lot about oil pulling but never done it- might order some and give it a go. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Jennifier

    Taking care of teeth is really essential task, yet it can be easily overlooked and we always don’t take it seriously. I think we should avoid red wine, and there are many other source’s too for Vitamin C so citrus fruit’s can be avoided easily! – but whatever natural choices we can make in our diet or how we look after our teeth will help.

  4. BusyMom

    Many foods that we eat every day can cause major damage to our teeth; tooth cavities are caused by many different chemical reactions that go on in our mouths. Taking care of our teeth is important and dental hygiene cannot be just something that is done at the dentist’s office or whenever we feel like it. It has to be an every day habit!

  5. VanjaMihajlova

    Great tips guys!! Thanks for sharing it!!!- I am new to the Oil Pulling Trend that they use the Tooth Oil for. Will investigate more & maybe order some 🙂

  6. Karen Spa

    I have tried a number of tooth oils from different producers. There are good ones out there but the natural ones leave me with a longer-lasting fresh feel. Natural pulling oils are ideal for anyone else who needs high-quality oils but does not want those with synthetic chemical additives.

  7. Asa_Eden

    Setting the minimum number of Brushes to two is a good start. Flossing during the day and carrying out some teeth oiling should give me extra cover in this case. (Smoked for a short while right after highschool and I am sure my sugar consumption is close to the higher end).

  8. TandyEliotts

    Too much of citric acid is bad while too little citric acid is not so good either. I think this approach is better (using tooth oil in case you cannot tell if you are taking too much citric acid or not). Funny enough; oranges and lemon are those two fruits that are always present in our family Kitchen. Tooth oil should give me some extra cover just in case.

  9. HeidiAnderson

    I had to read the part on Citrus fruits twice. I had never realized that some seemingly healthy fruits can also damage your teeth. Some quick referring around the net gave a more unnerving picture. “Many people get eroded enamels and beyond some point, root canals are inevitable due to acid damage”.

  10. Valerie B.

    Sugary foods are my vice, even though they’re generally from natural sources like honey, but they are still harmful to your teeth. I’ve found tooth oil helps to create almost like an invisible barrier, at least I’ve found my teeth are far less sensitive since using it.

  11. Sarah

    Sad to see two of my favourites up there, neither of them is a fruit, sadly which speaks volumes for my diet! Luckily I do brush twice a day and floss, but my love of wine in the evening leads me to believe I might need some additional help. Time to invest in tooth oil I think if I wish to keep my pearly whites!

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