Sheffield Schools Launch Tooth-Brushing Clubs

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In a bid to help prevent the onset of tooth decay in children, ten special support schools in Sheffield have just launched tooth-brushing clubs, with Sheffield City Council, Public Health England and the NHS taking steps to improve oral hygiene and health.

According to the Yorkshire Post, studies have been done that show youngsters in schools of this kind do have lower rates of tooth decay than their peers in mainstream schools, but they’re also more likely to have their teeth pulled out.

A registrar in dental public health, Devina Worsley, reminded people that the risk factors for dental decay are a lack of fluoride and diets high in sugary drinks and food.

“The majority of tooth decay can be prevented and this can be supported through school based oral health promotion activities, for example, through providing a supportive school environment with healthy choices for food, drinks and snacks,” she said.

If you really want to improve your smile and make sure that your teeth are as healthy as possible, you may want to consider adding tooth oil to your brushing schedule. This type of oil has lots of natural ingredients in it (such as green tea extract and vitamins A, C and E) that can be really beneficial for keeping your teeth clean.

It’s very easy to pick up how to do it – you simple shake the bottle before use, then put a spoonful of the oil in your mouth and rinse it out. Use your tongue to spread it all over your mouth and teeth for a minute, then spit.

Wellbeing fresh factsSheffield Schools Launch Tooth-Brushing Clubs

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  1. Lucy

    What next – Tooth Oil given out at schools instead of Milk – like in the old days – never heard of tooth brushing clubs before now

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