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De-Tox in 2016

De Tox in 2016

Detox Naturally in 2016

If you signed up to Macmillan Cancer Support’s Go Sober for October 2015 campaign and gave up the booze for an entire month, well done!  On Jan 1st 2016 new Government guidelines are advising drinkers cut back on their weekly intake – as studies again point to injurious effects on liver function, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. You could take stock and go even further and go the whole healthy hog and invest in some supplements for detox to really give your immune system a boost.

The 2015 Go Sober for October campaign was given a superhero theme, with those taking part known as soberheroes and all money raised going towards making sure the charity can help all those currently living with cancer.

There are many health benefits to giving up drinking for a month, including weight loss, a clearer head, higher productivity, more energy, a sense of achievement, clearer skin, more money and better sleep patterns.

Tips from Macmillan for all those considering giving it a go include setting up a Sober Squad of non-drinking friends, family and work colleagues to socialise with, and also telling everyone that you’re doing Go Sober for October. This will also help you raise money for the charity.

You can set yourself up with your own profile page on the Go Sober for October website, where you can create a team, challenge friends or workmates and see how you compare on a national scale.

If you do want to detox during October, consider drinking a glass of water at room temperature with half a lemon squeezed in each morning. This will help slow your digestion down but also give you all sorts of nutrients, like potassium, vitamin C and pectin fibre. Your liver will also be encouraged to flush out toxins thanks to your increased lemon intake.

Flush out Toxins

You can Detox Naturally in 2016  by just taking a stand and deciding within yourself to be a bit more conscious going forward, taking a few detox nutritional supplements, drinking a bit more water, maybe even substitute some of y regular hot tea’s and coffee’s for just boiled hot water, once you adjust to it and get over the “psychological shock to the system”, it may prove comfortable,  but whatever you do, don’t let Starbucks or Costa Coffee  know or they’ll be after you for sure 🙂

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8 Comments on “Go Sober For October”

  1. mavis

    I think Eating plenty of fiber, including brown rice and organically-grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Beets, radishes, artichokes, cabbage, broccoli, spirulina, chlorella, and seaweed are excellent detoxifying foods.
    Would recommend this easiest metod to be applied.

  2. Jenni

    De-toxing whether from alcohol, diet, coffee or other daily toxins can take determination and effort – hence many people give up before they get results, or get starte. Go Sober for October attempts to collectivise attention so more are inspired/supported by joining the trend. Sometimes rather then trying to move mountains all in one go, having a gradual, daily, gentle approach is probably a good way to go. The idea of adding detox supplements into the daily round to help the over taxed, over burdened liver to repair, revitalise and regenerate – so it can better detox us organically makes real sense – hence love the detox supplements. Helping the liver regain it’s balance, through cleansing nutrients jump starts body functioning across the board.

  3. Lizathome

    I keep hearing so many people talk about detox, liver detox, body cleanse and the ways that body detox can improve your overall health. The hardest thing for me is trying to figure out which detox to try and how I can know when or if it is working. There are so many toxins that we put into our bodies every day, taking time to cleanse the body can really do nothing but good things for us so we might as well do it!

  4. Nell

    De-toxing is a big business nowadays – Like the idea of the natural supplements – to detox the liver organically & naturally. Everyone has an overstressed life these days and no time to go easy with themselves. Great idea – my liver needs it!

  5. Kel

    What a great cause!

    I use supplements quite often to detox. Having a chronic illness, I’m on quite a few different medications which can take their toll on the body. I always feel much better after detoxing.

  6. TandyEliotts

    Donations are still ongoing. The Go Sober for October UK drive has brought people together in other ways other than just raising funds for Cancer patients and Cancer support programs. As people spread the word they also get the communal feeling in their health and fitness goals.

  7. HeidiAnderson

    Even as the “So sober for October” program ends, it is still reassuring to know that there are supplements that one can take so that the effect is greater. The CAPS d-tox supplements can help detox the liver when we are not sure if our normal diets (minus the alcohol) are enough to do the work.

  8. Valerie B.

    I’m taking part with my three daughters, and my son-in-law is taking part through his local football club. So nice to see people coming together for this, and as a mother, I can’t say I’m unhappy about my children not drinking alcohol for a month 😉

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