Gut Feeling – intestinal wellness – the human engine room

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Wellness transformation Within the body there are 210 different types of cell – that’s it – skin, hair, nails, eye, bone, muscle, fascia etc. These cells are all constantly in the process or being formed, existing and dying. Each hour 1 billion cells are replaced, so for the mathematicians out there – that’s 24 billion per day – and they say … Read More

Wellbeing fresh factsGut Feeling – intestinal wellness – the human engine room

Go Sober For October

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De-Tox in 2016 If you signed up to Macmillan Cancer Support’s Go Sober for October 2015 campaign and gave up the booze for an entire month, well done!  On Jan 1st 2016 new Government guidelines are advising drinkers cut back on their weekly intake – as studies again point to injurious effects on liver function, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. You … Read More

Wellbeing fresh factsGo Sober For October