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Add to your pure skincare regime with ‘Ringana Adds’

Ringana Adds

Ringana Adds

We’re so excited to be able to announce the launch of Ringana Adds.

These natural skincare ‘add-on’ care shots have been specially designed to complement your Ringana Fresh skincare routine to give you a boost when you need it.

These little bottles of miracle lotions come in three different types, targeting three different emergency skincare needs – Repair, Effect and Glow.

They’re all designed to be added to your favourite Ringana serum (two pumps serum, to one pump miracle) for an intense boost, tailored to your needs.

They’ve been developed for male and female skin, and can be used on specific areas of the face, or all over (avoiding the eyes).

They’re powerful enough to have noticeable effects, yet gentle enough to be used every day.

Ringana Adds Repair

This soothing booster gently but effectively reduces the redness, irritation and inflammation caused by skin impurities linked to unhealthy lifestyles and hormonal imbalances.

Soothe and regenerate with this purifying SOS for skin. It contains bioflavonoids for their antioxidant powers, vitamin B6 to help control the production of sebum and frankincense to balance and soothe.

Ringana Effect

Ringana Effect

Ringana Adds Effect

This emergency beauty shot helps regenerate tired, aging skin. It reduces lines and wrinkles and instantly firms.

You’ll be the owner of younger looking skin in no time.

It contains a type of red algae, which is responsible for its instant wrinkle smoothing effect.

Active copper helps reduce wrinkles and regenerate skin cells and flowering herb Paracress helps fill in those fine lines. A true hero.

Ringana Adds Glow

Sometimes, the environment we live in, our lifestyle and too little sleep can take away our glow. Restore yours with Ringana Adds Glow.

This powerful and smart skin booster helps protect the skin against the harmful effects of pollution and living a modern city life.

It evens out and brightens skin tone and makes the complexion more radiant.

It contains vitamin B3 which helps lighten age spots and areas of higher pigmentation and a powerful vitamin C based antioxidant to rejuvenate the complexion.

It also contains the anti-pollution compound White Horehound and citrus fruit bioflavonoids for improved microcirculation.

Ringana Skincare

Ringana Glow

Ringana Glow

Imagine a skincare range so packed with natural, yet active substances, that it simply wasn’t possible to add anything else?

Well, that’s exactly how Ringana products are, and how the Ringana Adds came about.

The Adds can be added as needed and the beauty is, you control which of these miracle care shots you use each day.

Mixed with Ringana serums, they’re delivered straight to where they’re needed. The serums are packed with nourishing ingredients, in the tiniest of particles, which penetrate deep into the skin.

Ringana are the first skincare brand to publish exact proportions of active ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Cleanser, toners, serums and concentrates; what’s more, they’re all certified as fully organic and suitable for vegans.

None of their products are tested on animals and they’re all consciously packaged. Ringana proudly hold the Green Brands Austria certificate of ecological sustainability.


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Wellbeing fresh factsSkin Care Repair – Emergency Skin Care – Skin Care SOS

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