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Looking for Natural Tooth Oil – an alternative to Tooth paste – we may just have what you are looking for. When we attended one of the last London CAM Expo’s  joining exhibitors in the Innovation Zone we met many therapists, practioners, dentists, health professionals and industry experts.

Many show vistiors were intrigued by the idea of an all natural, organic tooth oil  – which wasn’t based on coconut oil. Many had experince of and have tried the oil pulling technique using coconut oil, some had good success whilst others reported doing it for a while then giving up.

As we highlighted the specially formulated Natural Tooth Oil – combining active ingreients from around the world known for their beneficial properties in supporting oral wellness – listeners leaned into the storyline – keen to hear more.

Potent active ingreients

So what makes this optimised Tooth Oil so special?

Firstly ingredients are drawn from traditional Chinese, traditional European & traditional Indian (Ayurvedic) medicine, to harness the most effective and potent active natural ingredients discovered and recognised over the centuries as having a beneficial effect on oral hygiene and wellness.

So rather then just one oil providing the oil pulling effect, here we have a a variety of oils and potent ingredients all working together to achieve and contribute to overall oral wellness.

Immune-strenthening properties come for turmeric extract, lemon oil and cinnamon leaf oil. Selected organic sesame oil has an astringent effect, green tea adds a gum-strengthening effect, whilst peppermint provides a lastingly refreshing effect.

Myrrh provides a beneficial effect upon the oral flora, plus the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties of sage, eucalyptus and cloves add to the mix. Antioxdant effects from tocotrienols and tocopherols (super vitamin E) contribute whilst birch sugar from birth bark adds an enamel-strengthening effect.

The Chinese medicinal plant babchi adds a vitalising and beneficial effect, being ascribed with tooth-whitening properties – whilst 21st century deep cleaning adds to the mix as microfine cleaning particles made from silicic acid act to “brush” the teeth whilst one is swishing the oil around the teeth and gums.

How to Use Tooth Oil

Tasty, light, pleasant and effective – the whole oral cavity is freshened. Conveniently packaged in a handy 125ml container – you can simply squirt a teaspoon of tooth oil into the mouth and begin. That means, pulling and pushing the tooth oil solution around the mouth, swishing the liquid across teeth and gums so the whole oral cavity is cleansed. Some “oil-pull” whilst showering, others do so whilst doing the early morning email inbox check, or whilst surfing on google. Once ready simply spit the tooth oil solution into the sink, rinse mouth with water – you can even use a wet toothbrush to brush and rinse and your done.

Harmful bacteria lodged within the oral cavity, teeth and gums are dislodged and ‘pulled out’, held in the tooth oil solution ready to be expelled. Toxins which would otherwise be left in the mouth and possibly ingested are gently and naturally removed thereby helping the body in its overall campaign to maintain balance and avoid illness and disease.

Guarding the Gate

The mouth is one of the first lines of defence against ingested pollutants and toxins. From food and liquids to air bore microbes, bacteria and bugs the oral cavity is a battle zone. As toxins are ingested the body’s immune system has to tackle whatever comes it’s way, the liver has to function to process and expel toxins, so if we can act to reduce the number of ‘bad boys’ getting through the gates – all the better – the body’s support systems will be less taxed, less stressed and we might fell the better for it.

Harley Street Dentist

Recognising the potential the London Harley Street Dentist we met ordered over 90 bottles of Tooth Oil for their dental clinic. Similarly, recently a German dentist ordered over 150 bottles for their dental practice – so it looks like – some 21st century dental patents may be getting reintroduced to a technique thousands of years old  by 21st century dentists who have seen enough of 21st century tooth decay pass through their surgeries.

GeoffreyGodfreyHarley Street Dentist using Natural Tooth Oil

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