Immune system – build up your natural defences

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Ringana - Immune system -build up your natural defences

 Immune system – CAPS – Immu – build up your body’s natural defences

Support the body’s own defensive forces

Feel completely good 365 days a year and overcome the big and small challenges of life every day: This targeted nutritional supplement includes ingredients drawn from traditional Chinese, European and Indian (Ayurvedic) medicine, to harness the most effective and potent active natural ingredients discovered and recognised over the centuries as having a beneficial effect on the body’s immune system, vitality and wellness. With CAPS immu, all tasks become easy, because the body receives valuable active substances in a well-dosed form. The ancient Chinese already knew about the properties of nature and put this knowledge to use. Vital fungi such as Agaricus blazei1, caterpillar fungus2, maitake3 and reishi4 along with guduchi5 form the basic framework for perfect days and strengthen the body’s own resistance.

Defend against pathogens

The body’s defensive system can be greatly impaired by a lack of outdoor exercise, irritations, anxiety, stress, an unhealthy diet and insufficient sleep. At the same time, a well-functioning immune system works very hard to help the body defend itself against pathogens. The new and improved formula of the CAPS immu contains a multitude of well-proportioned and natural active substances to give the immune system a powerful boost.

Agaricus blazei powder

Studies have shown that Agaricus,  a valuable medicinal mushroom from South America, very effectively stimulates the body’s own defensive mechanisms and immune system. With its high dosage of polysaccharides, this vital mushroom mobilizes the body’s “first line of defense” and naturally increases resilience.

Cordyceps mushroom

Cordyceps is another effective mushroom that is also used in traditional Chinese medicine and well known for its performance-enhancing (adaptogenic) effect.

Reishi mushroom

The reishi mushroom is also one of the great “small” miracles of nature and has been used for ages, due to its extraordinary properties. Its polysaccharides activate the immune system and boost the body’s defenses. Because of its positive influence on many health aspects, as many studies have amply demonstrated, reishi is also considered a universal tonic.

Japanese maitake

An extract of maitake, a Japanese dancing mushroom, supplies CAPS immu with a large amount of the polysaccharide beta-glucan and therefore has a highly protective effect.

Guduchi plant

With its beneficial properties for the liver, the Guduchi plant is used in ayurveda to increase resilience and improve he immune system.

Astralagus root extract

Astralagus is used in Chinese medicine to prevent general weakness and boost vitality.

Elderberry extract

Elderberry extract is a natural source of vitamins with a variety of health promoting properties. Embedded in a particularly valuable basic complex, the new CAPS immu are a true powerhouse of natural substances: 32 carefully selected ingredients ensure wellness and offer your body’s immune system a unique and powerful boost.

Preservative Free 

Vegan, cruelty free, pregnancy, and diabetic safe. Free from chemical preservatives, GM raw materials, allergens, wheat, diary, gelatine, gluten, yeast, synthetic chemicals, fragrances, additives, fillers, colorants, soy, flavour enhancers.

*Remarks on the product advertising text “CAPS immu”: Botanical claims: 1Oliveira, O. M. M. F, Vellosa, J. C. R., Fernandes, A. S., Buffa-Filho, W., Hakime-Silva, R. A., Furlan, M., & Brunetti, I. L. (2007). Fitoterapia, 78(3), 263-264.2Zhang, J, Yu, Y., Zhang, Z., Ding, Y., Dai, X., & Li, Y. (2011). International Immunopharmacology, 11(12), 2251-7.3Yeh, J.-Y, Hsieh, L.-H., Wu, K.-T., & Tsai, C-F. (2011). Molecules Basel Switzerland, 16(4), 3197-3211. 4Ulbricht, C., Abrams, T. R., Bent, S., Boon, H., Costa, D., Dacey, C., Guilford, J., et al. (2010). Journal of the Society for Integrative Oncology 8(4), 148-159 .5Mathew, S., & Kuttan, G. (1999). Fitoterapia, 70(1), 35-43.



Agaricus blazei powder, caterpillar fungus powder, reishi powder, maitake powder, guduchi extract, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (plant-based capsule shells), black elderberry extract, astragulus root extract, aloe vera leaf gel concentrate, chestnut rose extract, magnolia bark extract, sea buckthorn powder, knotgrass root extract, olive extract, goji berry extract, black elderberry extract, lingonberry extract, red grape extract, pine bark extract, ginger root powder, shilajit (mumijo) powder, Baikal skullcap extract, bladderwrack powder, wasabi powder, broccoli sprout extract, pomegranate peel extract, spadeleaf extract, mangosteen extract, yucca root extract, papaya extract

Take at mealtimes at various times during the day, with a little water (non-carbonated).


Standard dosage 3 capsules daily at mealtimes.

Notes: Suitable for diabetics. Not intended for children. For optimal compatibility, free of yeasts, milk and wheat products, preservatives, and dyes. Gelatin-free, 100% vegan. Free of genetically modified raw materials.

RINGANA CAPS help to increase the sense of well-being. They are not medicines and should not replace your doctor’s consultations. RINGANA CAPS are not intended to treat or cure any disease. If you take prescription medication, have health problems or are pregnant, consult your doctor before taking RINGANA CAPS. If you suffer from any food allergies or incompatibilities, please read the list of ingredients of your product on the back of the package. RINGANA CAPS are not intended for children. Nutritional supplements are not a replacement for a varied and balanced nutritional and healthy lifestyle.

Wellbeing fresh factsImmune system – build up your natural defences