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A modern alternative to harmful toothpastes

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Fresh Tooth Oil for Oil Pulling,
Fresh Skin Care Cosmetics,
Fresh Dietary Whole Food Supplements,
– containing –
100% active ingredients
100% vitality, 100% wellness, 100% freshness, 100% vegan

When bought in shops – often products, are manufactured with a 30 month shop shelf-life…which means …by default…they are often overflowing with preservatives….our choice is –

fresh products  – or products with a 30 month shelf life stuffed with ‘preservatives’

Goodness delivered right to your door!

How to order: To order you are automatically re-directed to the - fully secure online catalogue where you can explore the full range of these 100% fresh products. Delivered throughout Europe and in the UK via Royal Mail - orders normally reach the UK within 3-5 days - year round - it is a safe, secure and reliable platform serving 1,000's of happy customers - Prices are in UK Pounds or Euro's. - So what are the unique benefits of this Freshness Philosophy?
This approach means you are not buying your product from a shop where, by default, it may have to have a 30 month shelf life – which also means, to achieve that – it may be full of synthetic preservatives and other unhelpful ingredients. Rather, this way - everything arrives full of active ingredients - bursting with nature’s natural effectiveness and goodness - these make unique, delightful, memorable and enjoyable gifts year round - gifts with a 100% freshness philosophy. Check out the Tooth Oil too - it's Yum!

For Home Delivery - order yourself a genuine 21st century treat - fresh

We have to consider that a product which is sustainably produced with full attention given to using only top quality pure and natural ingredients will be more beneficial than a product, synthetically manufactured for long shelf life and high volume sales.

The same applies with dietary food supplements. Cheap versions are often full of ‘fillers’ with no bio-available active ingredients. So it turns out that all vitamins and mineral supplements may not be born equal.

The ‘Bad Boys’ in Skin Care Cosmetics

Awareness is growing to understand that the main theme of industrially produced cosmetics’  is the use of low-cost manufacturing chemical substances such as: emulsifiers, hydrocarbon-based substances, synthetic preservatives, petrochemical derivatives, mineral oils and silicates. They are designed to make foam and perfume and enter the skin quickly, often intoxicating and damaging it, due to the presence of many additives but often with very few or no helpful active agents.

Mother nature – fresh – by design

What is astonishing is that in a world full of potions, supplements, vitamins and minerals, there are products that actually deliver, and ‘do what it says on the tin’, but without synthetic additives, preservatives, mineral oils and unnecessary fillers. To discover these unique products and find out that they really do work is a real joy! They deliver what they promise.

These products are fresh, use exclusively pure, botanical ingredients, without any preservatives at all. Certified cruelty free – without any animal testing – they are produced sustainably and are environmentally friendly.

These products do not contain any solvents, PEGs, GMOs, outriggers, perfumes, petrochemical derivatives, mineral oils, additives or preservatives nor flavour enhancers in the dietary supplements.

In life we are always faced with choices, what we want, what works for us, what works for the planet. This company ‘delivers the goods’ in this regard pure and fresh, so that Mother Nature’s bounty can indeed work her magic!

Products that are 100% different, 100% ethical and 100% eco-friendly because they:

  • REFUSE animal testing, nor commissions third parties to do so. This refusal is extended to any producer or supplier. Animals are not test subjects: they do not need make-up, moisturizer or wrinkle-preventing products.
  • USE recyclable packaging materials. In addition if you return 10 empty glass jars, you can choose a free product.
  • AVOID CO2 emissions (The company has won the prestigious “Sustainability Oscar”).
  • EMPLOY fair and equal trade commerce buying directly from producers without using intermediaries.

The internet is full of web sites and  studies which indicate  that on average woman (and men) may use over 100 chemicals  on their skin and hair every day. What they are hoping for is health, vitality and wellness, what they often end up with is allergy, reaction and irritation.

Meanwhile it seems that the cosmetics industry is constantly reformulating and re-launching its products.  The cosmetics industry uses approximately 12,000 synthetic chemicals in  products we all use on a daily basis. Most people are aware of healthy nutrition, yet many may use harmful chemical products every day and forget that they are absorbed and end up (via being absorbed through the skin) in the blood stream and may cause all sorts of reactions and irritations. Few of these synthetic  chemicals have been sufficiently studied in terms of toxicity. Eventually our liver has the job of trying to remove all these absorbed toxins from our body.

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  1. hk2000

    Notice fewer cavities, fresh breath, truly clean teeth and your gums getting healthier by the day!

  2. adam

    I loved it! It made my teeth feel really clean and i swear i think they are a little whiter. Would i buy it again i think i will because i dont use commercial toothpaste because of the garbage in it.

  3. victor

    Amazing. Its is antibacterial. Its Non-Abrasive and is all natural (no fluoride). Dentists will not tell you this, but average toothpaste is abrasive, destroying tooth enamel, creating the perfect surface for bacteria cultivation (use soft bristles). Fluoride causes brittle tooth structure, which like buildings around fault lines, causes teeth to break.

  4. Kim

    Found out about Tooth Oil via Facebook & linked through to this page – interested in the Tooth Oil, not sure how much it is – interested in trying it

  5. Ashlee

    I’m really impressed with the great range of natural health and skin care products on this website. With so many unavoidable free radicals in our day to day lives, it’s good to know there is something that we CAN control. I like the ABCs of Wellness Supplements – especially the antiox and balancing supplements.

  6. Tiffany

    This is amazing stuff. Vegan Tooth Oil that tastes & feels good and does the job. What else can I say other than just what has happened for me, but if it helps someone, I will be happy for it. They even gave me some free samples of other products when it arrived.

  7. niece64

    I have not yet tried any of these products but would love to try them as they seem remarkable in the aspect of purity and the freshness principle.

  8. Karen Spa

    Starting a company with very little or no capital may sound super-grim. With this approach, you can still start your own business without breaking the bank (no upfront payments needed) and sell skin-care and dietary supplements, and have all the shipping, administration and payments handled by the company.

  9. Karen Spa

    By eliminating certain food groups, Vegans can often miss out on some key nutrients that are essential for good oral health but are more abundant in non-vegan diets. Using tooth-oil and flossing will ensure that they have the best oral care.

  10. Jonathan

    Like the idea of the Freshness concept, the Tooth Oil I tried at the Vegan Show in the Midlands was very tasty & refreshing – the whole concept of the Natural, Vegan approach to Oral cleanliness is great – I have tried using Coconut Oil Pulling but gave up as I found it a bit messy & greasy – but this Tooth Oil is something different and tastes great – Good innovation – worth a try

  11. HeidiAnderson

    Now that it has been mentioned I am now realizing just how much harmful content is included in conventional toothpaste. I’m more concerned about my kids (11yrs and 6yrs). I guess getting them to understand that tooth oil is healthier will set us all on the right path. Made my order recently.

  12. Wellbeing fresh facts

    Hi Bob, You can click through to order Tooth Oil directly – it takes about 4-5 days to arrive from Austria
    The use-by advice/ dates are about 12-14 weeks from receiving – which is in tune with using fresh and benefiting from the active ingredients – the Tooth Oil is easy to use, and comes ready to use from the bottle, enjoy

  13. Organic Bob

    Like the sound of the Tooth Oil – how long does it take to arrive and how long does it last for?

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