Active Ingredients for Oral Detox

This Tooth Oil with over 20+ Natural ingredients offers a natural and effective alternative to toothpastes and has certain advatages over Coconut Oil which many try but often give up on – on account of the time needed, the after taste which some find bitter, general oily/greasiness etc.

Find out about a tooth oil specifically created and blended pulling togerther ingredients from around the world – from traditional Chinese, Indian (Ayurvedic) & European medical traditions.

Carefully blended for potency, effectiveness and taste, the peppernint, Chinese menthol & Japanerse mint leave the mouth invigorated and refreshed – it tastes delightful.

Containing only- active ingredients – which have properties which are:
Enamel Stregthening
Teeth Whitening
Anti Oxidant
Anti Inflamatorry Properties
Anti bacteriial
Anti fungal
Anti viral
Anti septic
Immune strengthening
Gum strengthening
Disinfecting properties
Astringent effects
Aromatic properties
Microfine cleaning particles – from Opal

100% Vegan
100% Diabetic safe
100 % Natural

So it tastes good, is easy to use and arrives within 3-5 days full of freshness and active ingredients – which all go to work to cleanse and detox mouth, teeth and gums.

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A modern alternative to harmful toothpastes

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