How to choose Shampoo - options

How to choose Shampoo – options

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Life’s Diversity

So why do men use Fairy Liquid Washing Up Liquid to wash their hair – if nothing else is to hand? The simple answer is – nobody really knows!

Research of course shows that ‘men are men’ and in the scheme of things, for some, this is just way down their priority list – in fact as the graphic indicates things may be worse then anyone thinks. What we do of course know is that men and women are different – but what is it women want, or men for that matter?

This is what we are about – researching and delving into some of life’s everyday health and wellness situations and debates, shining a light here and there, hopefully throwing up a few home truths – or helpful hints…..

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We’ll be looking into one elusive substance in the coming months – namely the mysterious potion they call ‘Man Fluid’, so if you need a special gift for the man in your life – stay tuned – no dark shadows here, just good clean organic approaches……to everyday hygiene and health.

About Us

So if you are inspired by ingredients that are simply ‘incredible‘,

After products awash with only ‘active ingredients‘,

Inclined towards nutritional supplements that are simply ‘natural‘,

Driven daily towards products that are ‘diabetic safe‘,

Value all that is ‘vegan, vegetarian, and validated‘,

Tenaciously take care to avoid all ‘toxins

Wholly know the true worth of supplements that are ‘whole food‘,

Fancy fabulous pure skin care products that are so pure they are even ‘food-state‘,

Care courageously that everything should becruelty free‘,

Enjoy and enthuse knowing your skin care cosmetics are ‘edible‘,

Pursue a philosophy preferring ‘purity‘ over price,

Scream inside and  ‘see red’ when you see futuristic sell-by dates on products,

Know Your Self and Knownaturally‘ there is only One You,

Feel fabulous embracing the ‘100% freshness‘ philosophy

Then quite likely, you have landed at the right airport and we can walk you round the duty free and preservative free shops to good effect.

So seat belts on, take a tour and hopefully you’ll come across at least one idea, one concept, one aspiration or inspiration, or product that might make a small but helpful contribution to daily life and evolution – whether you make your new year resolutions happen on January 1st or May 1st – it’s never to late to make a small change here, a slight alteration there, to try out something new once in a while, be a bit daring, even take a chance – our only advice…keep it – pure, natural and fresh 🙂

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